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Recapping the Enemy: The View From Oklahoma

In-, and post-game views from Thunder fans.

In-game views

- i know the grizzlies suck offensively but this is great defense. this is what i was hoping we would play like eariler in the year

- We are playing Allen tightly.....

- Chalmers flops on one end, no call as it should be, takes the ball and runs down the floor out of control and essentially trips himself up and gets rewarded with FTs. And they reward him a B.S. three shot foul. What a load of crap.

- so many dub fouls man.....These are supposed to be professionals

- Chalmers runs over Augustin...and-one for Chalmers.

- Dang you Vince...there goes the 40 point win.

Post-game views

- That second quarter run was really awesome. Westbrook was incredibly dominant just with his passing and driving. Memphis had no clue whatsoever how to deal with the small ball lineup of the Thunder

- Memphis are bad. They stink right now and you have to feel for their fans a bit.

- Memphis is not built for the current landscape of the NBA. The grit-grind style they possessed back then use to work but now it seems largely ineffective… and if you can outscore the grizz, you’ve pretty much won the war. Gasol and Randolph can no longer be the first options, especially since Randolph is starting to decline. Jeff green has probably been a dissapointment for them and I see him being traded before this year is out. So yeah, things aren’t so swell in Memphis. I think they might be heading towards a rebuilding stage in all honesty.

- If Conley isn’t making shots and keeping defenses respectful, they still don’t have another adequate wing player to take the pressure off their bigs. Shocker of shockers, Jeff Green hasn’t provided those services.

- On Green: The Memphis blog did a really funny breakdown of all his defensive lapses last night on KD and Russ. Oof

- ZBO and Gasol aren’t getting any younger, and those two have been the principle options for their teams ever since they adopted rit-and-grind. I think Memphis main problem is that they just don’t have that one viable dude they can rely on for offense or a few knockdown, consistent three point threats, which even the spurs have.