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How to watch Memphis Grizzlies vs. Detroit Pistons

Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

Who: Memphis Grizzlies at Detroit Pistons

When: 6:30 PM CT

Where: The Palace of Auburn Hills

How to Listen: 92.9 ESPN Memphis

How to Watch: FoxSports Southeast

Recently for Detroit (12-10)

The Pistons have won 4 of their last 5, losing to the Bobcats most recently on Monday night. Andre Drummond is averaging 18/16 (!!) and Reggie Jackson is having a better season than Mike Conley. We know that guy can single handedly take out the Grizzlies so prepare yourselves.

Recently for Memphis (12-10)

It's amazing how different the Grizzlies' 12-10 records feels than the Pistons'. Memphis can take care of weaker opponents and find moments where they classically enforce their will. They do the complete opposite when they play great teams, and it's totally possible for the sleepwalking version of the Grizzlies to show up against moderately good teams too.

Three Things

  • The Grizzlies need to GAF tonight, and do it fiercely, if they don't want some of their fringe fan base to jump ship. Casual fans don't want to be associated with embarrassing losses like last night's. As a hardcore fan I can say "eff those kinds of fans," but I also care about the Grizzlies making money and maintaining profitability (and marketability ... the shred that they have).
  • Find Jeff Green something to do on defense that helps the team even if it's standing at the top of the key and jumping up and down while waving his arms around like a crazy person. Seriously. That would be more effective than some of the efforts he's been showing.
  • Well hey, the Pistons don't have a single player on their roster shooting over 40% from three right now. Get ready, they'll drain at least 20 of them tonight!