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Could the Grizzlies possibly be a landing spot for a bought-out Amar'e Stoudemire?

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Is Memphis in the mix for Amar'e?

Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

ESPN Insider Bradford Doolittle has listed the Memphis Grizzlies ($$) as a potential landing spot for Amar'e Stoudemire if the New York Knicks end up buying out his contract and waiving him. While the buying out of Stoudemire looks like something that is likely to happen, joining the Grizzlies in Memphis isn't quite as probable. Here's what Doolittle had to say about the possibility:

A dark horse perhaps, but the Grizzlies have looked like true title contenders since integrating Jeff Green into the rotation and it feels like one more bold move could propel Memphis to the Finals. Memphis has a post-heavy offense, a terrific defensive structure and while the Grizzlies aren't pounding the offensive glass as often as years past, it's still a key part of their success. The Grizzlies have cycled through several options as a backup for Zach Randolph, including JaMychal Green and Tyrus Thomas. Memphis might not be able to give Stoudemire as big a role as he'd like, but he may also be the final puzzle piece that gets the Grizzlies over the top.

Doolittle lists the Suns, Mavericks, and Clippers are the three "frontrunners" who he'd consider ahead of Memphis. You can make the argument that Memphis would give Amar'e a better chance at a title than any of those teams, but he would likely be taking on the smallest role of his NBA career as there's basically no way for him to get anything close to 20+ minutes per game. The Grizzlies just don't have the playing time to offer without an injury to their front court.

My Take

It would be fun to add another big name to a title run, but one could argue that the Grizzlies need to add 3-point shooting more than they need to add post scoring off the bench. I just think that to satisfy Stoudemire's needs (and maximize his abilities), it would require more shifting of Joerger's rotations than the Grizzlies are willing to offer and endure at this point in the season.


We'll keep you posted on any developments or new tidbits.