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Report Card: Memphis Grizzlies vs. Brooklyn Nets

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The complete report card for the Grizzlies' win over the Brooklyn Nets.

Grizzlies Report Card

Grizzlies 95 - Nets 86

Coach Dave Joerger:

Grade: B

Dave Joerger outcoached Lionel Hollins. In other news, the sun rose today and the ocean is still blue. He kept Conley and Gasol's minutes down with OKC looming on a back to back and did a good job of getting Beno going.


Mike Conley: 28 MINS | 2 PTS | 1-8 FGS | 4 ASTS | +5

Grade: B

Mike wasn't himself on offense, but he was the defensive Mike Conley that we have all missed this season. The expanded offensive role and the multiple injuries have robbed the Grizzlies of the defensive force that Conley can be. But against the Nets he was all over the place on defense. Maybe it was the fact that he was guarding a hurt Jarrett Jack and a glued together Deron Williams, or he is finally fully healthy. Either way it's nice to see him so engaged on the defensive end.

Courtney Lee: 26 MINS | 15 PTS | 6-10 FGS | 3 ASTS | +4

Grade: A-

Courtney Lee carried the offense at the beginning of the third quarter to help the Grizzlies stretch out the lead. Aggressive Courtney Lee needs to stick around - I love watching that guy play. He hits threes and goes to the basket instead of not taking open threes and aimlessly dribbling around.

Jeff Green: 35 MINS | 11 PTS | 3-9 FGS | 4 ASTS | +11

Grade: C+

Jeff Green continues to be effective at the rim, and not so much from everywhere else. He is finding ways to get to the rim and dunk or get to the free throw line, but he's forcing jumpshots when he doesn't go to the rim. They aren't falling or anywhere near falling. His averages suggest he will eventually heat up a little bit, but not much. This is who Jeff Green is. He's going to have a few highlight dunks, but miss all or most of his jumpers.

Zach Randolph: 34 MINS | 19 PTS | 9-17 FGS | 8 REBS | +14

Grade: B+

Z-Bo wanted to show off for his former coach. He was doing all kinds of crazy moves. He dunked, hit a three, and crossed over Plumlee in a coast-to-coast fast break. The only thing missing was the double double. His rebounding was limited by an athletic Nets front line that did a good job of just jumping over him. He still dunked so I don't care.

Marc Gasol: 30 MINS | 14 PTS | 4-9 FGS | 11 REBS | +19

Grade: B

This was a throwback Gasol performance. He was all over the place on defense, controlling everyone's movement and limiting the Nets' post players. The Grizzlies really didn't need him to be what he has been this season on offense against the Nets. So he reverted back to his previous form. He wasn't as aggressive on offense, but he still had an impact.


Beno Udrih: 20 MIN | 13 PTS | 5-9 FGS | 3 ASTS | +4

Grade: A

Beno Udrih being an offensive threat when Nick Calathes plays limited minutes may not be a coincidence. Instead of playing next to Calathes, who can't shoot, he played with someone who could spread the floor. So he had the space to run pick and rolls and hit mid range jumpers as much as he wanted. I hope he finds a way to coexist with Calathes, but right now it's not working out for Beno.

Tony Allen: 26 MINS | 12 PTS | 5-5 FGS | 5 REBS | +2

Grade: A

Tony Allen wanted revenge for all of nights where Lionel Hollins messed with his minutes or benched him for no reason. He probably had crazy flashbacks to it. I would have come out pumped up for this one too. Tony broke out the whole arsenal of moves for this one. He even hit a three. TA is perfect off the bench at the moment. KD is not going to be having any fun Wednesday.

Kosta Koufos: 20 MINS | 8 PTS | 3-11 FGS | 10 REBS| -7

Grade: B

Kosta did what they needed him to in this one. He guarded Brook Lopez effectively and did a good job of rebounding the basketball. It was a struggle for him to score, but they really didn't need his scoring with Beno cooking like he was.

Jon Leuer: 12 MINS | 0 PTS | 0-2 FGS| 4 REBS| -8

Grade: F+

Chip Williams is going to be so upset. Jon Leuer continues to be absolutely awful in any amount of minutes he plays. It's really a shame. He had 2 fouls and missed both of his shots in 12 minutes.

Nick Calathes: 8 MINS | 1 PTS| 0-1 FGS | 2 ASTS | +1

Grade: Ineligible


Jordan Adams: DNP Coach's Decision

Jarnell Stokes: DNP Coach's Decision

JaMychal Green: DNP Coach’s Decision

Russ Smith: DNP Coach's Decision

Vince Carter: DNP Ankle Injury