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Recapping the Enemy: The View From Brooklyn

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Pre-, in-, and post-game views from Nets fans

The following are actual comments gathered from Brooklyn forums

Pre-game views

It seems everybody gets a video tribute nowadays.

In the old days you had to be Jerry West or Magic Johnson to get one.

oh lord, I can't even help but laugh at this **** now man. I had no idea we would be playing these monsters tonight. I'm seriously sitting here cracking up at the very thought of how brutal this will be.

This is the kind of game the Nets play hard in to keep the fans addicted, but I expect a blowout

God help us tonight against a tough Memphis team

In-game views

Dwill has been stuffed by the rim on layups more then any Net Ive ever seen

Turning this pathetic team off already! Congrats for making the city of Brooklyn a joke!

- Sorry for the lack of in-game views. This is just about all I could find despite looking through numerous forums

Post-game views

Get rid of Hollins. Keep Brook.

Watching the way the Grizzlies play their offense seemed similar to ours. A huge difference tho is they have play makers, and they’re much more aggressive. Conley can break down a defense so much better than anyone on our team. They have great big men who can pass well. I think this game kind of shows the lack of talent on our team; can’t blame Hollins for that one.

Out of wsh, mil n mem.... This was the most disgusting

pretty much what we expected.... a gauranteed loss where lopez and dwill continue to blow donkey balls. get lopez the F off this team already. he does ZERO to help us win and is the only guy with any trade value.

we need a new coach. hollins is not a playoff contender coach
A great tribute to Hollins. And then Z-Bo and the guys proceeded to clean their clocks.
Trade the whole team
Hey Nets how about winning a game for god sakes
This new coach sucks, fire him ASAP.
More proof that the Nets are idiots for getting rid of coach Kidd.