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Running Game Diary: Jinxing the Grizzlies at OKC

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A running diary of the Grizzlies getting their brains beaten in.

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I'M BAAAAAACK!!!!!!!!!!!! The Thunder are for some reason favored in this game and someone may have grabbed the Grizzlies at +5. So of course that means they'll get blown out by 20.

The Grizzlies won't be missing anybody besides Vince Carter, but are on a back to back so they may be a little sluggish early. I'm hoping it won't be an issue. The Thunder have a scorching hot Kevin Durant and a perpetually angry Russell Westbrook so that's something to look out for. Steven "I like to make people punch me" Adams will not be playing so we get more Kendrick Perkins!!!!

First Quarter

12:00 - OKC wins the tip and Kendrick Perkins has already missed his first shot. FEED HIM THE ROCK. Unfortunately the Thunder get the ball out of bounds and KD splashes a long 2. Jeff Green isn't ready for this.

11:07 - Z-Bo jab step jumper to calm the fake crowd noise.

10:47 - Perkins just did some weird bank shot that actually went in. I need to bleach my eyeballs now. Just keep feeding Perk and you'll win Scottie. *wink**wink*.

10:15 - KD three then a step through. Jeff Green really, really isn't ready for this. I don't think anyone is.

9:19 - Oh yea Z-Bo is locked in. Nice little baseline floater.

8:50 - GASOL CAN BANK IT IN TOO. After Courtney Lee turned down a wide open three. That cannot become a trend. He has to shoot the ball when he's open.

7:48 - Mike Conley picks up his second foul jumping into Westbrook. He hits both and that brings our first scoring update which is brought to you by the pizza I just ate. Thunder 15-Grizzlies 8. Joerger is leaving Conley in. MC will move over to Roberson who is like the Thunder's Tony Allen except not as good and CLee will move over to Westbrook.

6:27 - Green attacks the basket and good things happen. I feel like I've said that about 10000000000000 times.

5:38 - Dion Waiters 3 ball. What in the world is happening? This may be the end times.

5:29 - Coming out of a timeout Nick Calathes is the first point guard off the bench. This is a new wrinkle. Coach Joerger is playing the matchups with Calathes' defense and size against Westbrook's craziness.

4:49 - Z-BOUND AND HE GROWLS AT THE CROWD. Grizzlies trailing 20-14. That update is brought to you by the pizza I will finish at halftime. And now the Thunder are calling a timeout because Z-Bo may have broke Ibaka's face. I hope he's ok. He's rolling around on the floor like I was when I had a kidney stone.

4:15 - TA HAS ENTERED THE GAME. LET THE DEFENSE AND INTENSITY COMMENCE. Z-Bo is fouled on a rumble to the basket and Nick Collison needs to be careful. This is going to get chippy.

4:00 - The OKC crowd is booing the referees after Dion Waiters fouls Calathes. I wonder if they pipe in their boos as well or are those real? I doubt it.

3:39 - Another Collison foul and the Thunder will not stop crying to the officials. Oh my gosh it's like playing the Clippers. Grizzlies cut the lead to two with Z-Bo free throws. A foul is called on the Grizzlies as Wesbrook flies to the basket so the Thunder PA guy cranks up the cheers!!!

3:07 - Gasol is off right now. He's missing everything as Collison throws in a floater.

2:10 - Another foul this time on McGary who I really like. Marc makes both. That's where he needs to stay this game. The shot isn't falling


1:47 - Oh dear lord. Another foul on McGary; that's his second in like 30 seconds of play. I don't like this development. KD playing at the four is one of the reasons the Grizzlies lost to them in the playoffs last year.

:39.7 - Reggie Jackson just hit a three and Beno cannot hit a shot. This is not ideal.

:7.3 - Collison just hit a corner three.

End of quarter - Mike Conley is in foul trouble, Marc Gasol can't hit a shot, and the Grizz missed all of their threes so only being down 9 is kind of a blessing. I know what's wrong. I'm listening to the announcers and that's just bad luck. Gotta break the headphones out.

Second Quarter

11:44 - Quarter starts off with a Koufos hook shot. And Jon Leuer is in the game. I'm surprised considering how poorly he's played lately.

10:34 - After two good defensive possessions Beno turns the ball over. I don't know what his deal is, but he needs to turn it around with a quickness. This all second unit lineup needs him to be successful.

10:03 - TONY ALLEN HIT A JUMPER!!!!! He's been doing that much more lately and I like it. Good thing the All-Star break is soon so we don't have to experience the Tony Allen offensive regression.

9:27 - Beno jumper after another Thunder miss. This unit is so good defensively with Calathes and TA roaming the perimeter and Koufos below the basket. It's incredible considering how poor of a defensive player Leuer is and how hit or miss Beno is.

8:57 - The Grizzlies are 100 Miles and Running up and down the floor now. This is where the second unit thrives, in transition and on defense. They can't get into the half court offense too much or they won't score. Thunder timeout and it looks like someone got a technical during the timeout. Beno nails the free throws to cut the lead to 4.

8:16 - Tony Allen just slapped an offensive rebound over his head and it looked like a perfect pass to Koufos! Koufos finishes the "pass" with a jump hook. That was awesome.

7:18 - Russell Westbrook is so good at basketball. He slices through the Grizzlies defense for a layup. He has eight. Coach Joerger call timeout. Russell if you would just Express Yourself I think you would be much happier.

6:42 - TA miss then another offensive rebound by Koufos. He kicks it out to Jeff Green who throws it in to TA for a layup. I'm enjoying Tony "offensive threat" Allen. This Grizzlies scoring update is brought to you by my deodorant. I wonder if I knew the name whether they'd give me free stuff. Oh well it smells good. Thunder 43- Grizzlies 40.

5:20 - Beno is struggling with Reggie Jackson. He splashes another jumper. The Grizzlies just cannot get over the hump.

4:50 - Mike Conley enters the game and Westbrook hits a three. Koufos took a foul to stop an open Thunder two. That is just absolutely brutal.

4:15 - Grizzlies come out of timeout with a nice play, but Jeff Green misses the layup and NOBODY STOPS KEVIN DURANT IN TRANSITION. You have to have a body on him at all times. This is unacceptable.

3:36 - CLee just nailed a three off the backboard. Kevin Durant hits another three. 15-2 run for the Thunder. Maybe time for Jeff Green to sit and bring in Tony Allen. Like right now. He's 6-6 and shooting flames from his fingers. I think the nets are going to be gone NBA Jams style soon.

2:31 - POINTS!!!! Perkins goaltends Z-Bo.

1:18 - Jeff Green won't stop shooting jumpers and Z-Bo is missing layups. The Thunder lead by 19. Someone has to take the ball from Green. It's not all his fault though. Courtney Lee has no showed and Conley looks hurt so the offense is awful this game.

:49.7 - Russell Westbrook has taken more free throws in this game than the Grizzlies have. He's at 13 and the Grizzlies are at 11. I hate everything.

:24 - More Thunder free throws after Ibaka moon walks with the ball. Thunder lead at 20. I would call this a disaster, but I've seen the Grizzlies come back from much worse.

:03 - Mike Conley is fouled on a floater. I kind of forgot he played for the Grizz. Conley, Lee, and Green have given the Grizzlies virtually nothing on either side of the ball. Conley cuts the lead to 18.

End of quarter - What a disaster. The bench holding their own only for the starters to shit the bed is insanity. They have to come out with more intensity on defense or I'm going to call this one early.


It's time for Coach Dave Joerger to make some adjustments. It's become painfully clear that Jeff Green cannot guard Kevin Durant. It's time for more Tony Allen. Let's see if Joerger is up to the task. I hope he so or this will get ugly.

3rd Quarter

11:21 - Jeff Green is going under screens that are set for Kevin Durant. PULL HIM NOW. The lead is at 21, but who knows where KD will take it with a cardboard cutout guarding him. I'm going to save this game and market it to NBA teams as "how to not guard one of the best basketball players in the world".

10:11 - Z-Bo and Westbrook jump ball. I wonder who will win? Westbrook did. I am shocked.

9:46 - KD blocks an ill-advised Conley three and Roberson slams one home on the other end. Lead back up to 21.

9:08 - KEVIN DURANT IS HUMAN. HE AIRBALLED A THREE. This guy is ridiculous.

8:29 - Jeff Green scoring checklist: At the rim? Check. Was it in transition? Check. Yeah he can shoot.

8:03 - The Grizzlies are getting the stops, but don't have the offense to get back into this game. It's just Z-Bo postups or missed jumpers. It's 2011 all over again.

6:20 - Another stop, but a charge is called on Jeff Green. Collison is going to the line. It's 2011 and I didn't realize it. Lead back up to 19.

6:00 - Again nobody stops anyone in transition and Westbrook hits a wide open jumper.

5:27 - Jeff Green just hit a three so obviously the world is ending. What does he do on the other end? He loses KD on a back cut.

4:36 - Tony Allen enters the game and makes a play? Who could have predicted that? Oh everyone? Ok.

4:07 - Slick Calathes move under the basket and the lead is only at 18. Not much to really say right now.

3:35 - what is this defense from the Grizzlies? TA gets the steal and slam in transition. Lead at 16. AND ANOTHER STOP!!!!!!

3:10 - Jeff Green just took another jumper......... Where's Jordan Adams?

2:44 - Dion Waiters just dunked on Koufos. I don't think this could get worse.

1:41 - JORDAN ADAMS HAS MADE AN APPEARANCE!!!!! And Slick Nick makes a nice move inside.

1:01 - I've hated on Jeff Green so much this game, but he is one of the only ones attacking the basket at the moment.

:27.5 - Dion Waiters just hit a crazy shot and then Jordan Adams fell on his ass. That's not the way to get more playing time, rook. At least the stops are more frequent.

End of quarter - The Thunder just stiff-armed the Grizzlies back every single time they came close to cutting the lead down. Coach Joerger is having his worst game to date.

Fourth Quarter

11:11 - TA turnover and the lead is back at 18. Looks like the second unit is going to try and close the gap. Every time something good happens like 18 bad things happen. This is absolutely brutal.

9:42 - Beno is flattened on a fast break with no call. Meanwhile Westbrook has 24 points on 4 made shots. The lead is steady at 18.

9:15 - A foul call for the Grizzlies what is this? Beno sinks one of two. You have to make your free throws, Beno.

7:40 - Jon Leuer made a layup. But of course Reggie Jackson hits a layup to answer.

6:48 - The lead is at 15 and Leuer can't hit both free throws after being fouled.

6:13 - BENO JUST HIT A THREE AND IT'S AN 11 POINT GAME. Scott Brooks timeout. The second unit has pushed the Grizzlies back into this with good defense and actually scoring the basketball. There needs to be no subbing out of this timeout. Roll with the guys that got you there. ...and of course Z-bo and Marc are back in.

6:00 - KD wants to win this game. I've seen him kill the Grizzlies so many times before but this is incredible.

5:12 - I have never seen two people dominate Randolph as much as Collison and Ibaka have done tonight. It's been a shellacking. He is consistently getting blocked and befuddled. There's no reason for him to be in right now.

4:27 - TA turnover. Thunder respond with 4 straight points to push the lead to 17.

3:27 - I would like to submit a petition for a running clock after Koufos chucked the ball into the front row. BUT RUSS SMITH AND JORDAN ADAMS ARE IN SO THIS WILL GET FUN!!!!!

3:04 - I like Russ Smith already. So speedy.

1:44 - Russ Smith floater then a nice dime to Kosta. I NEVER THOUGHT I'D LOVE A PLAYER FROM LOUISVILLE!!!!!

:35.2 - Russ FTs. I call front seat on the Russ bandwagon. He just hit two more free throws. I love this guy.

End of game: That sucked. Everyone needs the 10 day break. If gambling on sports was legal I would never bet on the Grizzlies again.