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Recapping The Enemy: The View From Oklahoma

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Pre-, in-, and post-game views from Thunder fans

The following are actual comments gathered from Oklahoma forums

Pre-game views

Think this one is going to be a good win for us. Can't wait to see how McGary plays against these Grizz big guys are not going to be as easy on him.

HUGE game to show the Bears we can handle them if we meet again in the playoffs. I REALLY hope we don't go overtime with them again!

Okc can win just stick to the game plan and run and run the Grizz off the court. Make ZBO and Gasol have to run the floor. Tony Allen annoys me I cannot stand the guy.

This game will provide some odd match-ups. Some favorable some not so favorable. Conley has shown no ability in the past to slow Westbrook down so maybe the Grizziies put Lee on Westbrook. Allen has been able to be an effective defender on KD in the past but with him coming off the bench not sure how this will work. If I were in Brooks shoes this seems like a good night to start Waiters to stress the Grizzlies guards but he won't.

In-game views

Randolph usually shoots a low percentage against us, but he's started the game with two very difficult makes.

That was one of the better plays I've seen Ibaka make all year. Pumped one guy past him. Took a dribble. Drew a defender and passed to an open Waiters for a corner three.

I swear Marc Gasol gets some of the most BS calls when he plays the Thunder.

Good first quarter and got nothing from Mitch. He will score some points tonight. Love the way Jackson is playing lately. Its time to give him 30 minuts a night again.

Udrih doesn't do $hit til he plays against us

Don't touch Randolph, you get a foul everytime

Gasol is a great actor!!!

Great first half, but given our propensity to blow leads this year, and let the opponent make should-be-blowouts into nailbiters, I'm not going to rest easy, yet.

Allen chirping as usual

Westbrook going into psychotic mode right now. If I were Brooks I'd take him out for Jackson right now.

Dion destroying the rim, far out!

Can't get lazy on defense and allow 3s.

Brooks always seems to wait too long when he finally decides to put in the starters

Post-game views

KD heard the whole Grizz roster was challenging him for that All-Star spot.

Kinda glad we didn't sign Pau this summer. He would've helped us no doubt but both of the Gasols are such whiny bitches

For having the #1 defense in the NBA. They sure do have a bunch of cry baby sissies

All in all, pretty good win. Memphis always tries to ugly it up.

Great statement win tonight!



-If they keep playing like this and stay healthy... I might just delude myself into thinking anything is possible!

-I have so much confidence in this team. More than I did in 2012. I want to believe it means something!

Their D in the 2nd half was very good. I don’t think MEM got a single 2nd chance basket either.

When KD's hot we're hot....when he's not we're not, thats why our consistency is up and down. At the mo his shooting eye is in which is good for us. KD shooting covers alot of flaws in this team…which is exposed when he’s injured etc.

A great win. Suprised by the margin of victory

Gonna be a 7 or 8 seed, uh oh for the 1 or 2, Dangerous team

This is the team we know they can be!! When healthy they are as Dangerous as any in the West!! The NBA for that matter. Let the Thunder Roll!!