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Grind Prophecies: Robert Pera takes the big stage in Brooklyn

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With the Grizzlies owner taking the court tonight, I figured this was a perfect opportunity to break out an impromptu Grind Prophecies!

When: Friday night on ESPN at 6:00PM CT

photo credit: Nelson Chenault/USA TODAY Sports

Robert Pera: billionaire, genius, tech magnate, Twitter devotee, Kanye fanboy, Throney (Game of Thrones lover), and Celebrity NBA All-Star.

But which facet of Pera will be on display tonight? You all will predict, and we'll all find out at 6:00PM CT tonight.

Keith Edwards and I went on the record with GBBLive last night and both said that we expect a pretty huge game from Bobby P. GBBLive host Joe Mullinax gave me an over/under of 6 points, and I scoffed at such low expectations with a 20 point prediction for the 6'3 wingman out of Silicon Valley. Keith even went further than that to say that he'll flirt with a triple-double, but ultimately fall short because his teammates won't be able to convert the scoring off his sick dimes.

So what does the collective of GBB think? Give me your predictions to the following questions below. The person who I deem is closest to the actual outcome will get a big ole shout out from the Grizzly Bear Blues Twitter account and from Holly Whitfield of the I Love Memphis blog after the game tonight!

**Include your Twitter handle in the form submission or post it in the comments below if you would like that as your shout out instead of your SB Nation screen name.