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Grizz Essentials brings you the best and most exclusive Memphis Grizzlies merch!

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Art by Exelbierd

Who doesn't love a good subscription service? People use them for souvenirs and merchandise of all kinds, so it's only appropriate (and fair to Grizzlies fans) that we now have a way to get a monthly dose of Grizz loot delivered straight to our door. And this is promised to be the cream of the crop. If they don't love it, it doesn't go in the box!

Grizz Essentials is taking orders for the inaugural box of Grizzness that they've assembled.

Get in on the ground floor. Don't be the one fan who misses out on some brilliantly designed pieces that commemorate the amazing season the Grizzlies are having! And check this:

Save 10% on your order using the promo code "GRIZZBLUES" -- hot!

That's not too bad for $35! If you sign up for an entire year up front you get each box for $30; both of those prices includes all shipping, too. And I didn't even include the desktop wallpaper in the gallery because, c'mon... do I really care about my computer's wallpaper?* It's a nice little add-in though, and it'd be perfect for a Grizzlies fan.

*I maybe see my desktop 10-20 seconds a week with the amount of windows and junk I have going at any given moment.