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Recapping the Enemy: Highlights from the First 53

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Highlights from the season so far

10/29 vs. Timberwolves - W 105 - 101

I think people forget how good Gasol and Randolph are together.

Nobody should be upset at the loss tonight. To be in it at the end against an awesome team on their home floor is a very good sign

10/31 at Pacers - W 97-89

Well we put up a pretty decent fight against a VERY GOOD Memphis team...nothing to hang their heads about

Z-bo makes the Grizzlies go faster and farther than the Indiana pace cars

11/1 at Hornets - W 71 - 69

That's easily the worst loss I've ever seen in person and I am incredibly pissed off right now.

Really intense defense-oriented game. Some of that awful offensive display was obviously self-inflicted, but both teams did play stellar D at different stages.

11/3 vs. Pelicans - W 93 - 81

The Grizz are who everyone knows they are. Weak offense, great defense. Will beat the teams they should beat. Not enough firepower to be title contenders.

11/5 at Suns - W 102 - 91

Grizzlies are simply way better than us. Their gonna sweep us this season unless we get lucky or they get injured

They are easily going to be one of the top 3 teams in the West. I think it's GSW, Memphis, and San Antonio. The Clippers lack depth, OKC has injuries, and Houston is overrated.

11/7 at Thunder - W 91 - 89

I hate the grizz, if any team beats them i'll rate them with my heart.

Valiant efforts guys..we gonna smoke them Grizz when we get back the other guys!

11/8 at Bucks - L 92 - 93

I feel like we just won the NBA title.

Great win, Memphis are a hell of a team, especially in crunch time like that, they always seem to drag out the win. Giannis huge and Knight obviously a great play at the end.

11/11 vs. Lakers - W 107 - 102

Their bench was dominating, Vinsanity, Udrih and especially Koufos, amazing.

Grizzlies, 107, Lakers 102, final score. Moral victories suck but at least it was a close, hard-fought game.

11/13 vs. Kings - W 111 - 110

Apparently sources say the Kings WILL BE appealing the result tomorrow... lets just pray for justice... for ONCE.

Not sure whether to laugh, or cry, but I'll just leave it at wow.

Let me get this straight, they caught a rebound, called timeout, and reversed a layup, all within .6 of a second??????

11/15 vs. Pistons - W 95 - 88

I don't think this game should be cause for alarm in comparison to other dumpster fire games we had. This Memphis team is legit with established toughness and defense.

11/17 vs. Rockets - W 119 - 93

I admire the way that these guys play the game, and Marc is much more likable than his brother.

11/19 at Raptors - L 92 - 96

Great game, but let's be real the grizz played without five guys, 2 of them being starters

11/21 vs. Celtics - W 117 - 100

Good news! We'll only play the Grizzlies one more time this season

One thing tonight, Gasol has a "golden ticket". He can pretty much pick his destination next season. I however think like many free agents, he is going to stay with his own club and the Grizz management/team appears they have put their team now on the elite level of championship contenders.

11/23 vs. Clippers - W 107 - 91

Aren't they a .700 team with Marc Gasol dating back to last year, or something ridiculous like that. As much as I hate to admit it, they are the better team.

11/26 at Lakers - W 99 - 93

Silver lining - Grizzlies and their fans are punching out walls right now because they're pissed that a team as bad as ours actually made this a game.

11/28 at Trail Blazers - W 112 - 99

They are going to destroy Toronto in the finals.

At least our win streak ended against the best team in the NBA

11/30 at Kings - W 97 - 85

Zach Randolph: If he plays like that every night, I don’t think anyone outside of the Spurs and Thunder have a remote chance at beating the Grizzlies in a four game series. They already had stingy defense, but now their offense has become very fluid. I really like the makeup of this team, and I wouldn’t even be surprised if they won the NBA title at this rate. Hopefully they can avoid injuries and give us small-market teams a good name for the future. I’m glad their fans have a great product to watch after many so-so and dismal years.

12/3 at Rockets - L 96  -105

Just shows Memphis might not be as elite as many think. Its a superstar driven league and while the Grizz are a good basketball team, they are lacking a guy that can put the team on his shoulders in the final moments and lead them to victory.

12/5 vs. Spurs - L 101 - 107

F*****g Spurs have owned the s**t out of Memphis since that upset. Spurs won't let them live their deliberate tanking down.

12/7 vs. Heat - W 103 - 87

Some Jon Leuer dude outplayed Bosh though. smh

12/9 vs. Mavericks - W 114 -  105

There's not a more frustrating team to play in the NBA than Memphis. Every loose ball just falls in their hands, they foul SOOO much and it never gets called, and they hit the most annoyingly timely shots.

12/12 vs. Hornets - W 113 - 107

This loss was somehow good and horrible at the same time.

12/13 at 76ers - W 120 - 115

That 4th quarter defense was some of the most horrendous I've ever seen. When MCW had his back completely turned to Conley and he had a wide open corner 3, I just shook my head. I think I need a break from this team after that meltdown

They will be champions!!!

12/16 vs. Warriors - W 105 - 98

Marc Gasol's jumper is the giant mans version of Steph's shot.

Memphis by FAR are the NBA favorites. They are the early 2000 Pistons, they are the late 90's Pistons. Pure, playoff, basketball team.

Not terribly impressed with Memphis. They're never going to win a title with that team.

12/17 at Spurs - W 117 - 116

We will all look back on this night and mourn the fact we lost our virginity.

Greatest Spurs game in the regular season in a long time. I honestly can't remember a better one, tbh.

Great game. My view on Memphis doesn't change. They could barely beat the spurs without our best players.

12/19 vs. Bulls - L 97 - 103

This is the grindhouse... and they will grind. Till the end.

12/21 at Cavaliers - L 91 - 105

Fun Fact: Memphis leads the league in balding Greek guys.

12/22 vs. Jazz - L 91 - 97

Does BYU vs. Memphis change the game?

12/26 vs. Rockets - L 111 - 117

Man, if Memphis were a good 3 point shooting team, they would be hands down the best team in the league. The way they cut and find easy layups with their bigs is unreal, tie that in with an efficient 3 point shooting percentage and they would be damn near impossible to guard.

12/27 at Heat - W 103 - 95

We can win against Cleveland but not Memphis! WHATS GOING ON!

12/30 vs. Spurs - W 95 - 87

The Grizzlies played  Spurs basketball tonight !

1/2 at Lakers - W 109 - 106

Marc Gasol looks like he milks bears and catches trout with his bare hands.

1/3 at Nuggets - L 114 - 85

Gasol and Nurkie's hug after the game was nice. Gasol seemed to be showing him props.

1/5 vs. Knicks - W 105 - 83

Is this the game we audition for Marc?

1/7 at Hawks - L 86 - 96

I love all the mutual respect between the two teams. Grizzlies are definitely my favorite team in the west

1/9 at Pelicans - L 95 - 106

Expected win. The Pelicans have the Grizzlies number.

1/11 vs. Suns - W 122 - 110

Zach Randolph absolutely owned our bigs tonight, mainly Markieff. Giving up 27 points and 17 rebounds to Randolph seems pretty much par for the course every time we play the Grizz.

1/14 at Nets - W 103 - 92

those guys were puppies, now they're men - Lionel Hollins

1/16 at Magic - W 106 - 96

Tony Allen is an animal.

1/17 vs. Trail Blazers - W 102 - 98

I'm amazed that people could look at the Grizz and claim that they are without a doubt a better team, they got outscored by the Blazers in the 3rd and the 4th. If it wasn't for the nightmare 2nd quarter the Blazers likely win this game.

1/19 vs. Mavericks - L 95 - 103

I've never seen a fan base hang on foul calls as much as these f*****s, tells you all you need to know about their team - dependent on it

1/21 vs. Raptors - W 92 - 86

Gasol is a f*****g mvp man

1/24 vs. 76ers - W 101 - 83

Former Sixer and current Memphis assistant coach Bob Thornton just said "we just need to go out and crush em"....

1/26 vs. Magic - W 103 - 94

that game was quite bearable....If you only watched the second half.

1/27 at Mavericks - W 109 - 90

How the hell is Z-Bo this good.  It's like playing against Jesus.

1/29 vs. Nuggets - W 99 - 69

holy I paid almost 300 bucks for nba League pass to watch my team fall to pieces each and every game.  AWFUL

1/31 vs. Thunder - W 85 - 74

This season is over. Even if we make it to the 8th seed, I'm sorry but thats as far as we get playing like we're playing. You don't play terrible all season and then just get better against Golden State or Memphis because it matters

2/2 at Suns - W 102 - 101

I think Memphis is the best team in the league regardless of record

2/4 at Jazz - W 100 - 90

I think this Memphis team can win it all

2/6 at Timberwolves - L 89 - 90

I was already happy we weren't getting blown out. But to win over them Grizzlies?!?!?!

F*ck Yeah!

2/8 vs. Hawks - W 94 - 88

My All Star vote would've gone to Conley over Lilliard all day. He's only in because he dunks and has less help, Conley paces his squad better and is leaps and bounds ahead defensively.

2/10 vs. Nets - W 95 - 86

we need a new coach. hollins is not a playoff contender coach

2/11 at Thunder - L 89 - 105

For having the #1 defense in the NBA. They sure do have a bunch of cry baby sissies