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Marc vs. Pau: All Star Game Play-by-Play Score Card

For the first time in history, two brothers started on opposing teams in the NBA All-Star Game. I decided to complete a play-by-play score card for both of the Gasol brothers to determine the overall winner of this unique match-up.

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Here's how I broke down the scoring for each specific play:

Winning the tip: 10 points

Field goal inside paint: 2 pts

FG outside paint: 3 pts

Dunk: 3 pts

Three pointer: 5 pts

Assist: 5 pts

Defensive rebound: 2 pts

Offensive rebound: 3 pts

Made free throw: 1 pt

Blocking a shot: 5 pts

Steal: 5 pts

Finishing on winning team: 15 pts

Missed free throw: -1 pt

Missed FG (2 pointer): -2 pts

Missed three point attempt: -3 pts

Turnover: -5 pts

Personal foul: -5 pts

Blocked shot: -5 pts

First Quarter

12:00 Marc and Pau square off at the center of the court as they await the opening tip. Pau wins the tip, which leads to a dunk from LeBron James to open the scoring. Pau 10 PTS

11:20 Steph Curry attempts a layup as he drives through the paint, he misses the layup and Pau grabs the defensive rebound. Pau 2 PTS

11:10 Kyle Lowry attempts a three pointer for the East. The shot hits the rim and Pau pulls in the offensive rebound. Pau 3 PTS

10:09 LaMarcus Aldridge tries a long 2 for the West. The shot hits the rim and falls kindly for Pau to get the defensive board. Pau 2 PTS

9:54 Marc gets his first shot of the game as he tries a mid-range jumper over his brother. The shot bounces off the rim. Marc -2 PTS

9:46 On the opposite end Pau has the ball in the paint, he attempts the layup whilst under pressure from Marc. The layup misses. Pau -2 PTS

8:51 James Harden finds Marc who dribbles the ball and drives past Pau in the paint to finish with a nice layup. Marc 2 PTS

8:46 Marc gets his first steal of the game as he tips John Wall's pass attempt away from brother Pau. Marc 5 PTS

8:31 Carmelo Anthony tries a deep three for the East. The shot misses and Marc gobbles up the rebound. Marc 2 PTS

8:26 Klay Thompson tries a transition three for the West. Pau manages to get back and block the shot. Pau 5 PTS

7:41 Harden again finds Marc for the bucket as he hits a mid-range jumper over Pau which drops through the basket. Marc 3 PTS

7:31 Kyle Lowry attempts a three pointer. It missed, Marc grabs the defensive rebound, goes coast to coast and finishes with a huge dunk. Marc 5 PTS

6:36 Steph Curry misses a three, Pau gets the rebound, gives it to John Wall who finds LeBron for three. Pau 2 PTS

4:49 The two brothers leave the game at the same time with the West leading 28 to 18.

At the end of the quarter the West lead 47 to 36. Pau leads Marc 22 to 15

Second Quarter

During a time-out Pau is asked to show the New York accent that he had been practising. The accent sounds a mixture of Spanish, French and New York. Poor attempt. Pau -5 PTS

5:28 Pau comes back into the game with the West leading the East 71 - 57

5:26 Dirk misses a three, Pau gets the rebound and hands it to LeBron who runs the floor and finishes with the dunk. Pau isn't credited with an assist, but he gets one from me. Pau 7 PTS

4:51 Carmelo Anthony tries a mid-range jumper but misses, Pau gets the offensive rebound and finishes with a nice hook shot over Dirk. Pau 5 PTS

4:26 The West lead 73 - 61 as Marc re-enters the game

4:17 Lowry misses a three, Marc gets the defensive rebound, passes over half court towards Harden, Lowry steps in to steal the ball and throws an alley oop up for Pau to slam down off the turnover. Marc -3 PTS Pau 3 PTS

2:36 Once again Pau gets on the end of an alley oop and finishes with the dunk, this time from LeBron James. Pau 3 PTS

2:19 James Harden misses a three point attempt, Pau gets the defensive board. Pau 2 PTS

1:53 Kyle Lowry misses another three. Marc gets the rebound, gives it to Harden who finds Curry with a nice bounce pass to finish the easy layup. Marc 2 PTS

1:33 Kyle Lowry throws an inbound pass the length of the court which finds Pau who finishes with the dunk. Pau 3 PTS

1:17 Marc finds himself wide open outside the three point line, he attempts the shot and misses. Marc -3 PTS

1:07 LeBron is open in the corner, he rises to shoot the three. Marc proceeds to do what Grizzlies do best. He runs out to attempt the block and fouls LeBron on the three. James would go on to make all three free throws. Marc -5 PTS

00:59 Marc sets a screen for Curry to try a mid-range jump shot, the shot misses and Pau gets the defensive rebound. Pau 2 PTS

00.02 seconds Marc gets the offensive rebound from James Harden's missed three. He can't quite get a shot off before the half time buzzer sounds. Marc 3 PTS

At half time the West lead the East 83 - 82. Pau leads Marc 42 - 9

Third Quarter

11:48 Marc finds LaMarcus Aldridge who hits the deep two. Marc 5 PTS

11:36 Melo misses yet another three. Marc gets the defensive rebound. Marc 2 PTS

11:17 LeBron tries a three, it misses. Marc gets another defensive rebound, takes the ball up the court and drops it off to Aldridge who finishes from three. Marc 7 PTS

10:01 Steph Curry tries a deep two which misses. Pau get the defensive rebound. Pau 2 PTS

9:39 Marc posts up his brother and tries the turnaround fade away over him. The shot bounces off the rim and falls kindly for Pau for the defensive board. Marc -2 PTS Pau 2 PTS

7:16 John Wall misses a layup and Marc gets the rebound. Marc 2 PTS

6:32 Marc steps in to try and take Lowry's pass away from Pau, he can only tip the ball back to Lowry who finds Pau at the second attempt to finish in the paint with a hook shot over LaMarcus Aldridge. Pau 2 PTS

6:22 Pau goes out of the game with the West up 104 - 98

2:51 Marc leaves the game with the East up 115 - 114

At the end of the quarter the scores are tied at 122. Pau leads Marc 48 - 23

Fourth Quarter

7:27 Pau checks back into the game with the West up 140 - 138

6:35 Kyrie Irving finds Pau on the baseline, he attempts the shot over Tim Duncan. It misses. Pau -2

4:26 LeBron feeds Pau inside the paint, he gives it to Irving who drives to the basket and finishes whilst drawing the foul, Kyrie makes the resulting free throw. Pau 5 PTS

4:19 Marc comes back into the game with the scores tied at 148

3:41 Marc taps a defensive rebound out to Harden who finds Curry for three. The shot misses. Marc 2 PTS

2:29 Marc gets the defensive rebound from Irving's missed three, he passes the ball to Chris Paul who runs the floor and hits the step back J over Pau. Marc didn't get credited with the assist. He's getting one from me though. Marc 7 PTS

2:09 Kyrie Irving finds Pau near the free throw line, he finds Melo under the basket and he finishes with the easy dunk. Pau 5 PTS

8.6 seconds Pau gets the offensive rebound from LeBron's missed three. He gives it to Melo who misses the three, Pau yet again grabs the offensive board and lays it in for two. Pau 8 PTS

2.8 seconds are left after the Pau layup. The west lead 161 - 158. The East foul Westbrook to send him to the free throw line. He makes both.

Final Score: West 163 East 158

Marc receives 15 points for finishing on the winning team. The box score also shows another steal which I can't recall. Marc receives a further 5 points.

Final Score: Marc 52 Pau 64

I'm not having that...........recount..........Marc 52 Pau 64........Oh........I almost forgot.......Marc receives 15 points for being a Grizzly.

Final Score: Marc 67 Pau 64