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GBBLive Preview: Kevin Lipe & Riehl Brothers Talk Grizzlies' Future

The longer All-Star Break is officially over, but the Memphis Grizzlies do not play again until Sunday Night in Portland. A few more days to look to the future, and GBBLive does just that on its latest episode Thursday night at 6:30 CST. Listen in the player below or via this link.

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The first segment will feature Host Joe Mullinax & Producer Chip Williams talking "Grizzly Bear News" with GBB's Managing Editor Chris Faulkner. The latest works on will be discussed, as will Marc Gasol's performance in this past Sunday's All-Star Game.

Kevin Lipe of the Memphis Flyer's "Beyond the Arc" Blog will be the guest in the second segment. The Grizzlies' three-point shooing woes will be a topic of conversation, as will the lay of the land post-Trade Deadline & the 5 games in 7 days facing Memphis to start the unofficial second-half of the NBA season.

Finally, the brothers Riehl (Douglas & Joseph) of RealTime Draft will join Joe & Chip in the show's final segment. The Grizzlies' 2015 draft pick protections will be broken down, as will potential picks for Memphis later in the draft. Wings who can shoot threes and bigs will almost certainly be discussed.

All that and more on the next GBBLive! Sign up for to get a great Audio Book membership powered by while helping GBBLive support St. Jude Children's Research Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee, check out our BlogTalkRadio page & follow us on Twitter @GBBLive! "See" you tonight at 6:30 CST!

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