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Recapping the Enemy: The View From Portland

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Pre-, in-, and post-game views from Portland fans

The following are actual comments gathered from Portland forums

Pre-game views

A potential second round opponent if we get the third seed. We've got to make a statement against a team which we have struggled with for some time.

We have had issues with Memphis. So a strong showing against them would say a lot about the team.

This matchup will come down to defensive tenacity. If the Grizzlies managed to park the Blazers on the perimeter and make them shoot the rock from out there contested, their chances increases better towards winning. Also hitting the boards is an all out must.

In-game views

Oh, this looks like it's going to be a dog fight!

Wait... our bench comes in and we go up by 11...starters come, MEM goes on a 9-0 run.... Thats typical.

8 second Q turnovers killed the Blazers. I believe it's a 15-2 advantage for Grizz in points off turnovers. There's a definite upside in playing aggressive defense.

Memphis is incredibly good at dictating the momentum

Lillard with the 4-point play! Woo hoo

27 points in 8 minutes on THAT defense.

Wow, the 3s are crazy

Holy wow! Portland scores more in the 3rd quarter than in the first half!

Portland in the penalty 3 minutes into the quarter...not good at all

oh god here comes the collapse...

Yes.... please continue to be morons!!!

So we build a lead and act stupid so they can come back... yep, that's Blazer basketball!!

Makes sense right? 0 points in the paint in the 4th quarter...soooo hoist up a bunch of outside shots!

We just can't beat this team. Ever.

Fat-Butt Zach playing good defense at the 3-point line!

Waita blow the game. Is this the 8th blown game of the year now?

Post-game views

Usually you like it when your team builds a lead. I hate it! And want to know why? Because my team goes into stupid mode and blows it!

What a gross loss. I mean Wes Batum and Lillard should all be flogged for playing so nonchalant and letting them back in it and not even valuing possessions. I am not confident with that wing trio in the playoffs to be honest, they don't have heart.

Typical unpredictable Blazers, We could win the title or we might not even make the playoffs, neither one would be a surprise to me

OKC creeping up fast now, only 5 games back.

This team seems to have lost its edge. Earlier in the season, Portland always seemed to deliver in close games in the 4th quarter. Now they are extremely vulnerable to blowing double digit leads. Memphis is great, and there was no LA tonight, so it's understandable, but they've made a bit of a habit of doing this lately.

At least we don't have to worry about getting the third seed and facing these guys in a second round match up.

Memphis is a great team and Wesley had an absolutely awful game. We were missing LaMarcus. The loss sucks, but it isn't the end of the world or the season or even the rest of the month.

I am not worried about the Grzz. They are a tough team that likes to grind, but they won't make it far IMO. You can't be as bad as they are from three and go far in today's NBA. Lillard and Matthews combined made more threes than their whole team this year.

It is not that they are awful either they shoot below avg % they just don't take all.

I HATE playing Memphis. I don’t know when this hatred will stop.

Feels like we ain't beated them since Big Country Reeves was prowling the lane and they were in Vancouver!

Conley is allowed to foul to get his steals, a real problem with the league, he has a reputation for stealing the ball so they give him a lot of latitude like check guys off the ball and such…

I can live with losing to Memphis with LMA out. What I can’t live with is giving up a 13 point lead and then forcing up five airballs in the final two minutes .

Memphis I believe is 14-3 since getting Jeff Green. He was a monster addition for that franchise and their playoff hopes.

The Grizzlies made every Blazer pass an adventure and even successful passes usually ended with the receiver under just as much pressure as the guy who just passed it. They are so well coached. They play the passing lanes and anticipate better than anyone else in the league right now. Currently, I’d say their stifling defense beats our ball movement offense.

Memphis is scary good. They might be my pick to make it out of the west this year.