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Recapping the Enemy: The View From LA (Clippers)

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Pre-, in-, and post-game views from Clippers fans

The following are actual comments gathered from LA forums

Pre-game views

I'd like to see how we stack up with Memphis since we've been playing better lately.

Zbo is going to abuse Hawes down low

Clippers will need luck and energy. Memphis offence got better with jeff green. They stood tough against portland. Hopefully they are tired from the battle. Clippers will need to be at their best tonight. Big test for hawes.

Believe it or not I like our chances BETTER now than with Blake. This team just hustles and plays way more physical lately, which is the ONLY way to beat Memphis. When you play soft and jack up jumpers like Blake does vs super physical teams, you're playing into their hands. Nevermind that the team is better defensively without Griffin, which also helps with the matchup. I predict we win tonight and lose next one vs Memphis this week.

In-game views

I still think we look great with Jordan having a slightly bigger offensive workload. I hope he can keep it up when Blake comes back.

4 stops in a row. Clippers playing great D. But can't score either yet.

Gasol who??? Dj said take that

I just saw DJ shove Gasol with his body to get position for a rebound!!!!!! I have never seen that before!!!!

The Grizzlies perimeter guys are just not a nice matchup for Jamal, especially Allen

WTH, Jamal?! CP3 pulls up for the final shot of the quarter after that block on Calathes with only 3-seconds separating shot clock and game clock only to have Crawford pull up for a wild three in an attempt to draw the foul that leads to a quick layup for Memphis. Think team.

CP is hot tonight

Ugh this game feels so ugly. That's memphis for ya

Gasol eating hawes lunch

Smh. Grizzlies come out and make their first six shots....

Gotta hand it to the Grizzlies. They are a really really good team. Second night of a back-to-back and they are still giving the Clips a challenge.

Damn. CP was just too tired. Too bad.

Post-game views

Tony Allen is a formidable opponent

Another game lost mostly because of Doc's man crush on Jamal.

Chris Paul was gassed and none of his teammates would give him a pick to free himself, which is an indictment to how things have gone for the Clippers tonight. It was CP3 single-handedly vs. the Grizzlies with no support from his teammates.

Why are people bringing up Jamal and ignoring that Reddick had a horrid shooting night as well? Jamal played 27 minutes, Reddick played 37, was 3 for 12 and 1 for 6 from three. Memphis is hell on perimeter players, period.

We had our chances down the stretch but we couldn't come up with this one. Memphis played some tough D in the 4th, I'm glad we could make a good game out of it. Let's see if we can put some more wins together.

Tough L but I'm not even mad about this one. Memphis is tough and without Blake I knew it wouldn't be easy.

Grizz might be the best team in the league. Their style is tailor made for the playoffs and they have just enough scoring now.

Ever notice that Memphis plays the most physical defense in basketball yet doesn't get called for very many fouls? There were many missed calls tonight.

They've been getting away with murder since they started being regarded as hard nosed and gritty. Same thing when the Pistons were the best defensive team during the Ben Wallace and co era. They were mugging people and weren't called for many fouls

Pretty frustrating end, but I'm proud of the fight they showed. They played pretty decent defense for the most part, and our offense was bad, but we have one of our franchise players out. I'd like to see the Grizzlies come at us without Gasol.

I hate to say it, but the Griz are a real good team.

It's not Memphis (it is, but still), but it's freaking Tony Allen lol. I wish we could have traded for him just to get rid of having to play him.

The grizzlies only had 1 foul in the whole 3rd quarter! Evidently they're too perfect to foul anybody

Reputation more important than what actually takes place in a game. Proof of how corrupt the reffing is in this league. A reformation should really take place

I've watched every clipper game this season, and grizzlies are the best defensive team I've seen this year