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Memphis-Sacramento Recap: Grizzlies lose, and it was nearly the end of the world as we know it

Hot shooting, an All-Star's disappearing act, and Z-Bo and Boogie nearly playing Rock-em-Sock-em Robots

Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

First Half

The Grizzlies do you say....

That's it.

The team played like it was the last night of a three game west coast trip (which it is).  The -efense was just what it D.  The Kings - young guys and bums - were making shots all over the place...and Reggie Evans even showed up.  Our offense was sluuuuuugish.  Truly the best play of the first half for our Grizz came in the last moment.

A 62 ft shot to end the half.  Grizz were down 10 after this shot.   Seemed like the Grizzlies would be in trouble unless they got some kind of spark or something....(FORESHADOWING!!!!!)

Second Half

I looked and behold, a pale horse was before me.  And his name was death and Hell followed him.  - Revelation 6:8

So I have an unpopular opinion to express.  My two favorite non-Grizzlies are James Harden and Boogie Cousins.  And wow did Boogie show out tonight.

Early in the first half, after getting frustrated and nearly getting a technical foul, George Karl got one instead

And Boogie heads to the bench...

Boogie follows this up by getting into it with literally the last person you should ever get into anything with: Zach Randolph.

As we learned in today's piece by our own Joe Mullinax, Zach Randolph can kick your ass in a variety of ways.  ZBo then tried to put Boogie out.

So we very nearly had an apocalyptic event that would have started in Sacramento between ZBo and Boogie and would have only ended in a Mad Max/The Warriors-like barren wasteland.  This one nearly got apocalyptic.  If this is what watching Boogie play every night is like...I gotta watch more Kings games.

These shenanigans got the Grizzlies back into the game, but Boogie would settle and some guy from the Kings wearing #8 who I don't think I have heard of before made some big shots late.

The offense slows back down, Marc Gasol goes missing in most of the 4th quarter,  the Grizzlies just look tired, and they lose 102-90.

Things We Learned Tonight

1) Nick Calathes will drink your milkshake

On a night when most of the Grizzlies really struggled (Courtney Lee scored only nine points and Tony Allen had a staggering -23 +/-), Nicky Buckets showed up to play again.  Seven points, two assists, and three steals in thirteen minutes kept the Grizzlies hanging around, including  a steal and layup that kept them close until the ZBo 62 ft bomb.  There has been a lot of good stuff written about Nick this week and his impact on offense (like this from our very own Andrew Millen), and every night he shows up and drinks your team's milkshakes.

2) The Grizzlies had 99 problems, and 28 of them were Rudy Gay

Rudy Gay (grumble) came to play tonight, with a game high 28 points, including two daggers that put the game out of reach towards the end of the 4th quarter.  Rudy is good at basketball and seems to have found a home in Sacramento where he is not the focus of the offense (he is at least the second or third banana), but on nights when he can get buckets, he does.

3) Memphis fans still really hate Reggie Evans