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Recapping the Enemy: The View From Sacramento

Pre-, in-, and post-game views from Kings fans

The following are actual comments gathered from Sacramento forums

Pre-game views

This will be a game under 100 but I expect a better performance at home here rather than the disaster we saw in LA....bring those cowbells out Kings fans. Conley loves playing the Kings so that ought to be fun to watch.

I have a bad feeling that Cuz will struggle a bit vs Memphis' front court. I think Rudy Gay and Ben will have great nights though. Hopefully we see Nik get more PT

What time in the first quarter should I stop watching?

In-game views

Wow. Great offensive execution against a tough defense.

The past few minutes shows us that as long as we have a decent offense, the thing that will get us ahead are STOPS. We just stopped Marc Gasol, and now we are up by 4. Defense wins in the NBA.

Don't know if I like Cuz on ZBO. Tough match-up for him

These Grizzlies are getting so many lucky long rebounds.

how are we beating a playoff team? GEORGE KARL THAT'S HOW!

As we get better, I suppose the offense will get most of the attention, but look closely... and our defense has been excellent so far, particularly containing the ball, and stopping Conley.

This game looks like it's headed for a few ejections.

This game may legitimately be the most inconsistency officiated game I've ever seen.

Freakin' grizzlies and their 0.9 second shots.

poetic justice by Zach...Grizz love those buzzer beaters

Ill be rooting for Golden State to crush these lucky freaking smokey the bear wanna bees come playoff time

Toss Z-Bo!


Those two elbows looked completely intentional. League should review and suspend Randolph.

Z-Bo is apparently allowed to commit multiple acts of battery without consequence.

Cousins has taken himself out of this game...not the refs, composure. You've been in the league long enough to understand the importance of your presence, I guess there's always next year huh?

Gay has been the almighty god sent tonight...he is unconscious from wherever he shoots

Is it just me or are the refs really letting these guys play physical? Normally I'd hear whistle after whistle, but they are letting everything fly!

Beating Memphis at their own game - COOL! Thanks George, thanks Andre, and all the rest of the King crews who have been here all along this season.

Post-game views

I heckled the ish out of Tony Allen. Funnest game of the year

That's the most inspired TEAM ball we've seen out of this team since probably the first few weeks.

What a site to see, thank goodness the refs let the boys play too, was a slugfest.

Marc Gasol is a great passing center who knows how to play the game the right way, but he is vastly overrated due to the lack of skilled big men in this league today. He has a silky smooth short jumpshot as well as a decent post game to go along with great defense, but nothing that makes him deserving of any "MVP" talk. He's a just a good solid Center, ala Brad Miller with the only difference being that he's not afraid of contact. He's on a great team where he fits perfectly which speaks volumes.

I'm not overrating anyone. Marc's impact on the game defensively is absolutely bonkers. It's irreplaceable honestly and he's the best defensive C and one of the best defensive players period we've seen in a long, long time. Add on to the fact that he's a legit #2 option, a top 3 passing big, shoots 82% from the FT and gets 6 FTA/game, there are very few players who impact a game as much as he does.

Just 3 games into being Karl's team...and the team is noticeably better. Always surprising how quickly things can change with the same players

Rudy Gay just plays so calm and collected. Boy is he smooth or what! His sweet stroke was on in the first half as well as his energy, as he really hustled to get a few of those buckets.

I wish Memphis was in EC. Geographically close. Their slowdown grind it out style fit that's lousy conference and they'd be on top easily.

There are at least six guys on this team that I would push in front of a speeding train to get Tony Allen. He's one of those guys that you can't stand, unless he's on your team.

Impressive, impressive win. Memphis has only lost by double digits FOUR times this season and only once by 20+ points. This is about as big a beat-down as you can put on this Memphis team.

Loved it! Way to win by out-toughing the Griz. Good D.

Shoot. I guess I have to do View from the Other Side now...

-With a chippy game like this one, that's bound to be fascinating.

-These are always a treat. When you posted a 40 page link to a game thread in case anybody wanted to read the other side, it was clear how much time that takes you in addition to your write ups. Thanks.

-That section is the most entertaining in your write-ups IMO

- I guess I need to copyright this idea!