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Weekly Playoff Standings: Grizzlies looking over their shoulder at Houston

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Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Western Conference Standings
Golden State Warriors 54 44-10 0
Memphis Grizzlies 56 41-15 4
Houston Rockets 57 39-18 6 1/2
Portland Trail Blazers 56 37-19 8
Dallas Mavericks 60 39-21 8
LA Clippers 58 37-21 9
San Antonio Spurs 57 34-23 11 1/2
Oklahoma City Thunder 59 34-25 13 1/2
New Orleans Pelicans 57 30-27 15 1/2
Phoenix Suns 58 30-28 16
Utah Jazz 56 31-25 24
Sacramento Kings 55 20-35 24 1/2
Denver Nuggets 57 20-37 25 1/2
Los Angeles Lakers 56 15-41 30
Minnesota Timberwolves 56 13-43 32

The Grizzlies still hold on to the #2 seed that they've been squatting on for what seems like most of the season now at this point, but the Houston Rockets are creeping in on their territory with a 3-1 record since the All-Star break.

However, one must wonder: would it really be detrimental for the Grizzlies to slip to #3 if it meant securing a first round match with the Clippers instead of the Spurs or Thunder? There's still no telling how it shakes out. San Antonio has now lost 4 in a row, and Dallas is looking more impotent every game. There's potentially a scenario where SAS and DAL end up as the 7th and 8th seeds with OKC streaking up to the 6th.

There may be preferences for positioning, but as far as the Grizzlies are concerned, they just need to focus on staying healthy and winning games. Let the season dictate itself.

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Preview of games that will affect the Grizzlies tonight:

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