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Vince Carter warming back up to action on the court

Will VC return to Vinsanity this season?

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Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

News broke early this morning that the Memphis Grizzlies prized free agent acquisition over last summer, Vince Carter, is hoping to return to practice in 7-10 days after sustaining a foot tendon injury on January 29th against the Denver Nuggets. The report also notes that the sourced statement only pertains to Carter returning to practice and not to actual court play just yet.

This is normally where I would say that the return of Carter will be a welcomed sight, especially seeing as how the Grizzlies have once again sunk to the bottom rung of 3-pt shooting in the NBA. But unless Carter comes back in significantly better shape (and by shape I mean physical functionality more so than fitness and conditioning), I'm not certain of how much of a lift VC will provide in that regard other than once against boosting the 3-pt attempts for Memphis.

There's also the matter of reintegrating him into the rotation. With Nick Calathes and Jeff Green taking advantage of the extra minutes going their way over the past month, Joerger could have reason to be reluctant in shifting back to the practice of giving Carter 15-20 minutes a game. Both we and the Grizzlies will know more once Vince can be observed in practice, but it's going to be on the broad, worthy shoulders of Vinsanity to reestablish himself as a weapon off the bench.

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