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Grizzlies vs Clippers: Running Game Diary (from the United Kingdom)

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Memphis struggle through 48 minutes of action in a 79-97 loss against the Clippers

Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

The time is 10:30pm, 2 hours 40 minutes until tip off. I decide to get a couple of hours sleep before the game starts. I set my alarm and go to sleep on the couch.

12:50am: 20 minutes until tip off. My alarm goes off, I wake up startled before realising it's time to 'Whoop that Clip'. I make myself a mug of black coffee to wake myself up before the game starts.

01:09am: 1 minute until tip off. I've been searching for 20 minutes trying to find a stream to watch the game, but I can't find one that works. Finally, 30 seconds before the tip I find one that works. Oh no! I have to listen to the Clippers feed. Never mind, this'll be fun to listen to whilst we beat them.

Here we go!

First Quarter

12:00 Clippers win the tip

11:45 J.J. Redick opens the scoring when he hits a mid-range jump shot

11:10 The Grizzlies get off to a bad start on the offensive end as Conley misses a three. Gasol follows this up by missing a jump shot of his own after grabbing the offensive rebound

10:06 Grizzlies finally get their first points of the game. ZBo finds Jeff Green as he cuts to the basket, he kicks it out to Lee behind the arc who drains the three pointer

9:00 Clippers announcers start the game in fine form: 'The Grizzlies are nothing special, they are a very beatable team'. Shame you've only beaten us once in nine games then eh!

8:03 Marc Gasol shoots his second air ball of the game. This has been a terrible start

6:21 Randolph gets the second bucket of the game. Clippers lead 6-5 with the Grizzlies shooting 17% from the floor

4:51 Out of a timeout, Memphis decide to wind the shot clock down before Matt Barnes bails them out when he fouls Jeff Green on the three point attempt. Doc Rivers doesn't like the call and gets himself a technical foul. Lee makes the first free throw for the technical, Jeff Green makes 2-3 for the shooting foul

4:21 Spencer Hawes gets a technical foul of his own for arguing a foul call. Once again CLee makes the free throw

4:05 Jeff Green puts up a terrible looking shot as the shot clock expires. Grizzlies have now made just 2-11 field goal attempts

3:26 Memphis can't make anything out there. In comes offensive phenomenon, Tony Allen

13.7 seconds Austin Rivers fouls Beno Udrih. From the resulting inbound play Rivers fouls Kosta Kofous, sending him to the free throw line where he makes 1-2

At the end of the quarter Clippers lead 17-16 with Memphis making just 5-20 field goal attempts. They have just 2 paint points. This has to get better, right?

Second Quarter

11:37 With the shot clock winding down Zach Randolph hits the fadeaway. Grizzlies lead 18-17 despite looking like they've never played basketball before

10:13 After Jamal Crawford had made a three on the previous possession Tony Allen fouls him as he makes the jump shot, sending him to the line to complete the +1

Clippers announcers on top form once again. On the floor for the Grizzlies are Udrih, Calathes, Allen, Leuer, Koufos. 'This is a good line up for the Clippers. Memphis has no scorers on the floor'. Beno Udrih makes a jump shot. 'The Grizzlies are gonna run a lot of picks for Udrih who is a very good scorer'. Huh? One minute with have no scorers on the floor, the next minute Beno has become a very good scorer?

7:45 LA look to inbound the ball, before they manage to do so Calathes fouls Redick, sending him to the line where he makes two

6:55 Austin Rivers turns the ball over in the paint. Tony Allen leads the fastbreak and finishes with the layup to put the Grizzlies up 30-29

6:36 DeAndre Jordan gets himself to the charity stripe. He misses the first and makes the second. Unfortunately for him Spencer Hawes gets called for the lane violation

6:01 Kosta Koufos gives Memphis their biggest lead of the night after Tony Allen feeds him to hit the jump shot. Grizzlies lead 32-29

Clippers announcers with another pearler here. They're talking about Hack-a-DJ tactics. They want intentional fouls to lead to three free throws. Come on guys, it's not our fault he can't make free throws. It's part of the game. They would later go on to say that they cannot believe that a great coach in Pop would have his team resorting to Hack-a-DJ the other night, and that they believe the Spurs players wouldn't have agreed with these tactics. Yeah, I'm sure they'd rather just give the game up without a fight!

3:43 Gasol gets his first point of the game as he splits a pair of free throws

19.6 seconds With the shot clock winding down Chris Paul hits a step back jumper over Calathes. He has the Clippers last 6 points

12.8 seconds Grizzlies 20 second timeout

8.2 seconds Clippers foul. From the inbound play Conley drives into the paint and hits the floater over DeAndre Jordan. This gave Conley his first two points of the game

Half time and the scores are tied at 41. Gasol is 0-5 from the field and has 1 point. Zach Randolph leads the Grizzlies with 10 points. Koufos is having a nice night off the bench with 7 points. Jamal Crawford leads all scorers with 12. Memphis are just 16-42 from the field.

I make myself another black coffee as I await the second half. I can't bear to watch the Clippers half time show so I have a browse through Twitter. Joe Mullinax is live tweeting the game as he watches on delay. Please stop Joe, it's like reliving the nightmare all over again.

Third Quarter

11:18 Memphis starts the second half by trying two straight jump shots. Yeah, great idea. We were so good at that in the first half!

10:30 Jeff Green gets called for the offensive foul. Grizzlies have started the half by missing three straight shots and now the turnover

8:40 Still no improvement from the team as they have now started the half 0-6 from the field and have three turnovers

8:22 ZBo hits a fadeaway out of the time out. Redick replies with a three pointer. Zbo replies by making the circus shot after his shot goes in after bouncing off the top of the back board. Redick replies from three

6:35 Gasol finally gets his first field goal of the game as he makes the hook shot. Once again the Clippers reply from three. This time from Hawes

4:21 After making 5-5 from three to start the third quarter the Clippers miss back-to-back threes. On the other end Courtney Lee knocks down the transition three. Clippers lead 62-50

3:34 Randolph posts up Jordan, he kicks it out to Lee for three. 62-53

3:15 DeAndre Jordan is back at the free throw line. He misses the first. The second hits the glass several inches to the right of the rim

2:54 Gasol finds Randolph with a fantastic bounce pass across the paint. Zach lays it in for two

1:08 Clippers announcers claim Gasol will sign with the Spurs if Memphis don't win the title this year

At the end of the quarter the Grizzlies trail by 7 after quick buckets from Gasol and Randolph.

Fourth Quarter

9:45 Tony Allen gets the offensive rebound from a Calathes missed three. He puts it in to cut the lead to five

7:12 Mike Conley gets into the paint, he starts falling as he tries to get around Chris Paul, he flips the ball up high with his right hand and watches it fall through the net

6:29 Great play out of the time out. Allen gives the ball to Leuer on the inbound pass. He cuts along the baseline, Leuer gives it back to Tony and he finishes whilst drawing the foul. Allen misses the resulting free throw

5:05 Big Baby Davis extends the Clippers lead to 11 with a nice push shot from inside the paint

4:53 Memphis turn the ball over out of their own time out. Tony Allen fouls Chris Paul, sending him to the line where he makes two. This game is getting away from Memphis

4:07 CP3 makes a deep three. Clippers lead 86-70

3:06 Doc calls a time out after back-to-back buckets from Gasol cut the lead to 12. Following the time out Memphis starts the Hack-a-DJ game but fail to make their own shots on the other end.

The Clippers would go on to win the game 98-79. Zach Randolph led all scorers with 20. Mike Conley finishes with just 4 points. Jeff Green plays just 16 minutes, hitting 0-6 from the field. Crawford and Paul led the way for LA with 19 each. CP3 also dished out 13 assists whilst DeAndre Jordan finished with 22 rebounds.

The time is now 3:30am and I'm shattered. Better get some sleep ready to do it all again tomorrow night.