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Recapping the Enemy: The View From LA (Clippers)

Pre-, in-, and post-game views from Clippers fans

The following are actual comments gathered from Clippers forums

Pre-game views

We need Chris and DJ to be sharp and JJ and Jamal have to get it going early for us to have a real shot to win.We need to win the battle of the boards if we get beat on the boards it will be a very long night.

I don't have a good feeling about this one. Games against the Grizzlies always turn into an ugly, bitty encounter, that's just their style. Just the opposite of the kind of game we prefer. They are good at what they do but will always be found out by the very best, imho. C'mon Clips!!

I ain't holding my breath. The Grizz don't lose at home. We had our chance and we squandered it.

They have home court and home reffing. They will beat the crap out of our guys and we will get called for moving on the floor near their guys. Lets see how the fouls/FTs shake out.

another loss. memphis is better. i'm definitely watching though.

In-game views

Good hustle by the Clips so far leading to a 6-point lead. Man, I hope our team can keep this lead and even pad it

Looks like Doc changed things up from last game. DJ back on Gasol and Hawes on Zbo. Hopefully it works out. We'll see.

hawes doing a great job on gasol (2 airballs) and 2 blocks already.

Ugh. Second tech against the Clips. Damn refs.

Relieved to see Jamal scoring early.

Austin needs to go. Too bad he's coached by his father

Shooting has been a struggle so far for both teams. Let's hope for a little better the rest of this quarter, bot only for the Clippers

Man, Clips playing so sloppy. Every possession is important against Griz.

the grizzlies play by a different set of rules than the other lowly peasant teams

Oh well. At least we're even at the half.

Alright, now we're cookin'! Nice slam by Matt to put the Clips up by 7. C'mon, guys, keep this up and win this game!!!!

Looks like both teams having trouble scoring,hopefully our guys break it loose first.

Whenever Kosta starts to do an offensive move that is good defense by the Clippers.

This is cool that the clippers are currently out grinding them inthe grind house on flip flop night hahahaha

Allen intentionally tripped CP3. At least it wasn't another karate kick.

Hack-a-DJ has started.

Gosh, this never gets old, does it? I have no respect for a coach or team that can't win one on one and has to do this nonsense.

DJ making these b*tches pay.

Great win! We would've won the last game against them but the reffs wouldn't let us.

Post-game views

What I've liked in the last two games is that the Clippers haven't let both Zach and Gasol have good games. It has been one or the other, and to me, defensively, that's all you can ask for

The only person to blame for the intentional fouls is DJ for shooting 41% from the free throw line.

Memphis hands out flip flops to mock Clippers and gets smoked in front of a quiet, depressed crowd in Memphis. LOVE IT!!

You all may have no respect for coaches who resort to hacking, but I have all the respect in the world for coaches who see a clear weakness a team has and exploits it.

We are so much better without blake griffin!!!!! Let's trade that lazy bum for the first person made available bc we won another game without him and he clearly isn't needed anymore. Trades for the sake of making trades!!!!!!!!

Memphis crowd was awful tonight. I was really happy about the refs, they let us play finally. Ironically it was the Grizzlies flopping all over the place desperate for calls because their offense is really limited sometimes.

When we complain about hack-a-DJ, people say we should stop bitching and DJ should start learning how to make FTs. Well, how about this? How about stop being a p-ssy and play defense?

Gotta admit that I didn't have a good feeling coming into this game. To the state of two middle fingers. Shove those flip flop giveaways up your asses.

I just learned that Inbredex Forum postponed their Flip Flop promotion tonight. Oh well

Good win! F*ck the Grizzlies