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Report Card: Memphis Grizzlies at Phoenix Suns -- "Saved by the Bell" Edition

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Memphis wins a tight one at Phoenix tonight, but before we get into that...let's take a time out.

Memphis Grizzlies Report Card
Memphis Grizzlies 102- Phoenix Suns 101

But before we get to all that....


Today, when the news of the Grizzlies' interest in signing Andre Blatche out of China broke, there were some rumors floating around that the Grizzlies may trade Kosta Koufus in order to acquire a wing, especially if Vince Carter misses a considerable amount of time.  I was chatting back and forth on Twitter and made the conclusion that unless the Grizzlies were trading K2 for Kyle Korver, he should probably stay.  This lead to a list of the greatest K2s in sports and life.  One of the suggestions I made was Kelly Kapowski, of Saved By the Bell fame.  Several followers, including not one, not two, but three writers for this site, had no idea who she was.




I mean...


So even if it skews old (like I've ever cared), tonight's reports card theme will be from Saved By The Bell.  And just like the show, the rating system here probably won't make sense either.

Coach Dave Joerger:

Grade: Mr Bellding's laugh

Everything was pretty awesome.

Things that I missed:

-Bench lineup goes crazy in the first half...and yet when the Suns are crushing the Grizzlies in the fourth quarter with three guards Nick Calathes does not get any run until Conley goes out with five fouls

-Speaking of Mike Conley's foul trouble...Mike picks up his fifth foul with four minutes left to go.  HCDJ takes him out until the the last ninety seconds.  Wha?

-The tile of the show was Saved By the Bell.  The principal's name was Belding.  BELL DING....


Mike Conley: 28 MINS | 23 PTS | 9-15 FG | 1 ASTS | 1 REBS | -3

Grade: Zach Morris' Cell Phones


Mike was the man in this one.  Leading the way in scoring and making big plays tonight was his forte.  Plus...he missed the game winning shot that fell directly into Jeff Green's hands.  Mike has played with a different level of passion since the "All-Star snub" from last week.

Plus...he did Eric Bledsoe dirty...

Courtney Lee:  32 MINS | 6 PTS | 2-4 FG | 1 AST | 1 REBS | 1 STLS | -7

Grade: Any Lisa Turtle episode

I was starting to wonder if CLee even played tonight.  Not an impressive stat line for sure.  I think at this point you could call him a negative chucker...because if he doesn't feel like he has it...Lee just does not shoot.  This is very much like the Lisa Turtle centered episodes.  Lisa was the underused cast member...the George Harrison of Saved By the Bell.  She would float in and out of episodes, usually with a quick quip of unrequited love from Screech.

Feels like a Grizzly we know???

Jeff Green:  36 MINS | 12 PTS | 4-12 FG | 1 ASTS | 7 REBS | 2 STLS | -1

Grade: Miss Bliss

Miss Bliss was the teacher in the early episodes of the show.  She was always helping the gang out of a jam or teaching them a lesson or something.  Jeff Green was the Miss Bliss of the evening.  His play in the fourth quarter, culminating with the and-one to put the Grizzlies up for good, helped the Grizz out of a jam tonight.

Zach Randolph: 32 MINS | 19 PTS | 6-15 FG | 9 REBS | 1 ASTS | +7

Grade: A.C. Slater with a headband

ZBo's double double streak came to an end tonight, coming so very close to double figures in rebounding.  Randolph started off slow, only two points and four rebounds in the first quarter.  ZBo eventually bullied his way into some good shots late in the game, but it was clear that the athleticism and length of Alex Len, the Morrii, and whichever Plumlee the Suns have gave Zach some fits.

Marc Gasol: 34 MINS | 15 PTS | 4-11 FG | 6 REBS | 8 ASTS | 3 BLK | +1

Grade: Kelly Kapowski

That last block was sexy.  So very sexy.  Kelly Kapowski to a teenage Matty level sexy.


Tony Allen: 24 MINS | 10 PTS | 5-12 FG | 2 ASTS | 4 REBS | 2 STLS | 0

Grade: Jesse Spano on caffine pills

Trick or treat Tony was in full effect tonight, with some amazing hustle plays on defense matched up with some less than ideal shots and finishes, including missing a dunk.  What the Grizzlies actualy needed would have been two more Tony Allens to guard those ridiculous Suns guards.  Maybe we can invest in a Multiplicity style cloning business?  Maybe he could use some caffeine pills?

Speaking of caffeine pills, for those youngsters that are actually still reading this column, the above scene comes from a "Just Say No to Drugs" style episode in which Zach manages an all-girl singing group and Jesse gets hooked on caffeine pills.  I don't know about your high school...but caffeine was the least of our problems.

Beno Udrih: 17 MINS | 4 PTS | 1-3 FG | 2 ASTS | 1 STL | +2

Grade: Screech when not teaching someone a moral lesson

Beno had a hard night trying to guard the Suns guards, especially the small super nova that was Isaiah Thomas.  I'm not sure why Beno is Screech tonight.  Maybe because Beno is so positive his favorite character would be Screech.  Someone with access ask Beno who his favorite Saved By the Bell character is???

Kosta Koufos:  MINS |  PTS |  FG |  REBS |

Grade: Rhonda

You know Rhonda right?

Big night on the boards for K2, who started all this mess in the first place.

Jon Leuer: 11 MINS | 4 PTS | 2-6 FG | 6 REBS | +5

Nick Calathes: 11 MINS | 4 PTS | 2-3 FG | 1 ASTS | 1 STLS | +6

Grade: Tori

These guys came in early the the second quarter and lead the Grizzlies on a 17-2 run, and then were never heard from again.  Nick got a small bit of run late in the fourth when Mike Conley was in foul trouble, but their presence was missed.  Kind of like when Tori took over for Jesse in the graduating season and then her and her leather jacket was never heard from again.  But then...I'm not sure anyone missed her.

Jordan Adams: DNP-CD

JaMychal Green: DNP-CD