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Recapping the Enemy: The View From Phoenix

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Pre-, in-, and post-game views from Phoenix

The following are actual comments gathered from Phoenix forums

Pre-game views

One of those games that I don't want to watch because I know it'll piss me off too much, but I will anyway.

One of those games were its to frustrating to watch so you hit the gym and kill your phone by refreshing the boxscore until the inevitable loss to the grizzlies is official

For those of you who play fantasy basketball, Randolpg and maybe Gasol are both must starts today.

Thinking of just taking a nap and skipping this one. I hate watching Memphis play and we have trouble playing them anyway. Seems like a lot of unneeded stress.

So tired of losing to Memphis. Get a win, please.

In-game views

I like that we are attacking the paint. The Grizzlies are huge, but Z-Bo can't move fast enough and isn't much of a shot blocker. Continue attacking

Annndd there's the typical Markieff Morris tech. Idiot.

God I hate watching IT and Green at the same time.

Memphis just toying with us.

Green and IT.. TERRIBLE.

4 white guys on the court for Memphis. TIME TO ATTACK!


Conley killing the Suns.

I think Suns are legit scared and nervous of the big bad Grizzlies.

MR THOMAS is amazing

IT got dat killer instinct

While most everyone is calling for rim protection and rebounds we play 3 PGs and basically 2 SFs - against Memphis. Oh my

clutch ass ft, game over. No one on this team has enough of a brain to make a game winner. We will be lucky to get a decent shot off

Live and die by hero ball

Oh my **** god that was awful. Incredible.

Post-game views

We will never get any calls this season unless we can move into the 7th spot in the West. As long as OKC is out of the playoff picture, the 8th seed will get this treatment.

Memphis just plays good defense!

Koufas has some sticky paws

I think Memphis is the best team in the league regardless of record

Did Hornasek coach the Seahawks last night?

So tired of losing to the Grizzlies. Seriously. Up 7 with like 1:30 left. Only the Suns can consistently lose like that.

Hahhahahahahahahhaha that last shot was hilarious.

F*n morrons on this team. Up 7 with 90s left and you take shots with 15s left on the shot clock.. SERIOUSLY WHAT THE F* IS WRONG THIS TEAM

What a f*cking joke of a league. Refs win again. MkMo gets hit on the elbow, and nothing. Clear as day on the replay. Yet Green gets a phantom whistle

you don't call a weak call like that on crunch time for Jeff Green. That was a TERRIBLE call. Should be a tied game. BS CALL

I'm so mad right now. WTF

Why keep this disgraceful brothers that cant rebound to save their lives against Z-Bo/Gasol?

Exchange Mook for Keef and keep a big man. AT LEAST.

****' moron

The Phoenix Suns motto: "There's always next year".

Hornacek's obsession with small ball is scary. I think D'Antoni cared more about rebounds and defense than him
The loss was sadly predictable when Gasol and Randolph re-entered the game and the Suns did not substitute at least one interior defender.