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Recapping the Enemy: The View From Utah

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Pre-, in-, and post-game views from Jazz fans

The following are actual comments gathered from Utah forums

Pre-game views

I forgot they had Jeff green. Nice pick up for Memphis

Memphis is one of the hottest teams in the league again, so this definitely wont come easy. Conley has not been very hot his last 10 games, and Lee and Allen aren't a real big threat on offense. I think we match up well with Memphis, though long stretches of Kanter can hurt us as they obvious got a great center and PF, and it may too much to ask Favors and Gobert to help when they have to deal with Gasol or Randolph themselves.

If we can keep it within 4 that will mean we played the top half of the western conference over one week with a positive point differential. That, to me, is a win

In-game views

Zach for the three from back court.

Holy crap Z-Bo

He traveled doe

Blatant travel in real time. That shot sucks.

Memphis is really, really good.

Memphis can't miss and Utah can't hit

I'm surprised that our offense is doing so well and our defense is doing so poorly. Kind of expected the other way around.

Damn we are getting schooled.

Jazz played pretty well that half. Got a little lax and sloppy in the 2nd quarter, but overall they are playing pretty well. Memphis clearly isn't ****ing around. They are taking this game seriously.

The Griz defense is the gold standard. They are ALL tenacious.

Remember when Koufas use to just stand there like a deer in the headlights when he caught a basketball?

Boler shocked they gave Trey 2 points for a shot taken 14" inside the 3 point line....

-The Jazz announcers were really that bad!

Post-game views

I think this Memphis team can win it all

Damn the Grizzlies are good.

Remember when Australia is known for hard nosed folks. Dante Exum is not hard nosed.

gasol is so good... best center in nba

The Grizzlies' high low passing is amazing. The Jazz should take notes.