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Memphis Grizzlies Weekly Playoff Standings

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Setting up for the final push into All-Star month weekend fortnight?

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Western Conference Standings
Golden State Warriors 47 39-8 0
Memphis Grizzlies 49 37-12 3
Houston Rockets 49 34-15 6
Portland Trail Blazers 49 33-16 7
Los Angeles Clippers 49 33-16 7
Dallas Mavericks 51 33-18 8
San Antonio Spurs 49 31-18 9
Phoenix Suns 50 28-22 12 1/2
New Orleans Pelicans 49 26-23 14
Oklahoma City Thunder 49 25-24 15
Denver Nuggets 50 19-31 21 1/2
Sacramento Kings 47 17-30 22
Utah Jazz 49 17-32 23
Los Angeles Lakers 49 13-36 27
Minnesota Timberwolves 49 9-40 31

The Memphis Grizzlies are now only three games behind the #1 seeded Golden State Warriors. Zach Randolph and Co. continue their tear through the league, mauling a host of Western Conference teams in the past week to rack up the 3rd highest winning total in the NBA. The lot of four games for Memphis heading into the All-Star break leaves me no reason to think that the Grizzlies aren't watching Marc Gasol show off his skills in New York while sitting on 40 wins.

  • Friday at Minnesota - Trap game yada yada ... they're awful. As long as Kevin Martin doesn't go for 50 pts I don't see this being too much of a problem.
  • Sunday vs. Atlanta - Here's the big test. The Grizz were smoked pretty good by the Hawks in their last meeting. The home crowd at the Grindhouse will need to be on their game just as much as the Grizzlies.
  • Tuesday vs. Brooklyn - I have no reason to believe that Lionel Hollins comes into Memphis and steals a win.
  • Wednesday at Oklahoma City - You know they'll be mad, but after seeing Memphis squash them under their thumbs recently, I just don't think OKC will be catching the Grizzlies off guard. But there's always the chance that Durant returns (specifically for this game, right?) and lifts the Thunder.

Recaps of games that affected the Grizzlies playoff standings last night:

Rockets fly past the Bulls 101-90

Thunder vs Pelicans, final score 102-91

Spurs edge Magic on Marco Belinelli's return

Warriors vs. Mavericks: Curry's 51 helps Golden State rally to win

Previews of games that will affect the Grizzlies playoff standings tonight:

Clippers-Cavs Preview: Revenge Game

Portland Trail Blazers vs. Phoenix Suns Preview