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Grizzlies Grinding Through the Season: Hawks Edition

Who saw this coming? We caught a glimpse of the potential during last year's Eastern Conference first-round matchup with the Pacers. But, it was too easy and tempting to chalk that up to just how bad that conference was back then. One thing that hasn't changed? The East still isn't all that great. One thing that has changed? The Hawks aren't the underdogs any more; they are the team to beat in the East. Peachtree Hoops' Kris Willis explains further.

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

In all honesty, who's going to stop them?  Who can beat this team four out of seven times.  No team has even been able to beat them twice this season.  I can only find one small, weak sense of a trend with their losses.  Two of those losses (and yes, since there are so few of them, I'm considering two a trend) occurred when they played the same team on back-to-back nights, and those two teams happened to be the Magic (Dec. 13) and the Bucks (Dec. 26).  It's too bad the Grizzlies don't play them Monday too.  I would like the Grizzlies' chances to win one of those games much better.

Gone are the days of Kevin Willis lurking in the paint.  Gone are the times when Lenny Wilkens roamed the sideline.  Those still might be good memories for Hawks' fans.  But, these Hawks are not the same team from years past.  The national media is no longer focusing just on Dominique Wilkens's and Spud Webb's dunks.  They are focused on the actual team itself - just the way Mike Budenholzer likes it.

You will currently find the All-Star rosters, the stellar cast of the upcoming three-point shooting contest at All-Star weekend, and trades near the top of any "trending" list in the NBA.  But, even Gregg Popovich's disciple Budenholzer has achieved something with the Hawks that even Popovich himself can't seem to do in San Antonio - be the talk of the NBA.

How are they doing it?  Will they add any more pieces to their roster?  Do the Grizzlies have any shot at giving them that tenth loss?  Peachtree Hoops' Kris Willis was kind enough to join us and give his Hawks' insight!