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Recapping the Enemy: The View From Minnesota

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Pre-, In- and Post-game views from Timberwolves fans

The following are actual comments gathered from Minnesota forums

Pre-game views

This will probably be an ugly one. We never do good against Memphis.

Gasol ruined us last time, not looking forward to that again.

Hopefully wiggins will move around on offense this game. Against the Heat it seems like he was just standing still the whole time.

In-game views

Not that I expected Pek to play great against Gasol (he never does) but I at least expected him to not go to the bench so early.

Amazing first stint for Ricky, just awesome.

we're hanging tough with the Grizzlies

Memphis defense is so good and is getting better as the game progresses.

Completely ridiculous that Koufus got away with that hack.



Another great win!

Post-game views

I'll be the first to say it, Wiggins is already our best player, and it won't be close by the end of the season.

winning feels so much better then tanking

I was already happy we weren't getting blown out. But to win over them Grizzlies?!?!?!

F*ck Yeah!

That was the best game i've seen all year. Ricky being back makes this team legit. People always wonder why we think so highly of Rubio..that's like asking if the heart is important for the body to function

First two game win streak of the season. That's both exciting and sad at the same time.

Pek completely outplayed Gasol there too at the end. That's pretty impressive, usually Gasol has his number

Taken from Canis Hoopus

Marc Gasol is tremendous. Unbelievably skilled and a hell of a defender. Whether or not he stays in Memphis (which he almost certainly will) he's a max player and he's getting max money and he'll deserve every penny of it.

I'm not sure what was going on with Zach Randolph tonight, but he was not himself. Thad Young completely shut him down in the first quarter, then Dave Jeoger benched him, and believe me, ZBo didn't seem at all perturbed by that. The guy was loungin' at the end of the bench