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Zach Randolph should drive the Grizzlies train against the Hawks

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Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

Nobody hates losing more than Zach Randolph. This was especially evident from the demeanor he displayed after a pretty shocking loss in Minnesota on Friday.

Zach struggled most of the game. Maybe "struggle" isn't the right word to use, because to struggle implies that you were trying to do something, and neither Z-Bo nor the rest of the Grizzlies looked like they were trying to win that game.

That attitude likely shifts tonight for the Grizzlies. They've consistently shown up on the big stage this season, and as a team they've shown the ability to bounce back remarkably well after losses.

I'm looking for a big night from Randolph, in particular, simply because he'll want to atone for his somewhat apathetic approach against the Wolves. Additionally, Zach is averaging a solid 19pts/10rbs on 59% shooting against the Hawks the past two seasons. As Z-Bo goes, so go the Grizzlies.