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Recapping the Enemy: The View From Atlanta

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Pre-, in-, and post-game views from Hawks fans

The following are gathered from Atlanta forums

Pre-game views

This is a game we probably should lose but watch this team pull it out.

Personally I'm hoping this is the NBA finals matchup. Just play our brand of ball and we should be good. LETS GO HAWKS!!!

I like the Grizz but I've never bought in to them being a contender. They could never dream of scoring with us or San Antonio with their always questionable three point shooting. I know Z-Bo didn't play the first game, doesn't matter. They might be better off going small anyway. Its easy for the Hawks to dictate pace agaisnt a plodding team, they'll have to adjust and will not have a chance. Hawks by 10.

looking forward to seeing Teague and Conley go at it. strong west team.

I see the Grizzlies as a tougher opponent than GSW tbh. We beat them here but barely and without Zach Randolph. They have the best low post game in the NBA. That being said, I'd like a win, but it's gonna be tough

In-game views

Whenever tony Allen is on the floor double off him to help in the post. Courtney lee on the floor means you can expose him on defense with kyle. Know the personnel

Grizz uniforms are TERRIBLE.

It's really important for al to hit those shots tonight

Randolph wears a headband?

Good…I can hate him now.

Grizz are canning contested jumpers while the Hawks miss open ones

Memphis D is suffocating right now. Those open shots from the beginning of the game are going to be hard to come by again.

Considering how poor we're shooting and how good Memphis is the deficit could be double digits by now. Cmon hawksssssss


Randolph is a terrible defensive player.

We can easily win this if we get our act together

So...the trick is to make Zach Randolph move more than three feet per possession and he becomes useless?

I wonder if the Grizzlies will figure out how to maximize Jeff Green's potential.

They’re already a really good team, but they could be downright scary if they implement him correctly.

Wow...Randolph is a massive liability on defense.

They do well hiding him, but my god.

Memphis is doing a great job on kyle

Playing against Memphis is like getting into a fight in a phone booth

Oh wow ... what a set play

Bad for us, but that was beautiful.

Conley is taking over right now. getting to his spots at will. we need to play better defense on him

The view on Tony Allen

Screw you tony allen

good play by tony allen. you can tell he watches film

allen is so annoying, but if he was on your team you’d love him

Tony Allen ... damn

There's the story of the game

Tony Allen gets his only foul in the 47th minute.

Tony Allen celebrating like they won the World Championship!!!

He's celebrating his exalted treatment by the refs.

Tony Allen was impressive as he always is on defensive end and tipped-in couple of impressive offensive possessions late in the game.

tony allen is pretty awesome

Post-game views

I will say Memphis plays hard nose d and have a very talented roster but they are probably the most boring team in the league

The difference in this game was rebounding though. 55-37 rebounding edge for MEM, 17 offensive rebounds and 20 second chance pts for them. Every well defended tough shot that bounced off seemed to find its way into the hands of a grizzly, and too many times that was tony Allen

Millsap should've had the night off. Memphis was game, hats off to em, they scrap every play on defense.

We can beat most teams even when getting demolished on the glass, Memphis ain't one of em. Let's Go.

Marc made Al his bitch on both ends of the floor. That's why the Hawks lost.

My All Star vote would've gone to Conley over Lilliard all day. He's only in because he dunks and has less help, Conley paces his squad better and is leaps and bounds ahead defensively.

Tough loss, but atleast it was against a tough Western team in the Grizzlies.

Played toe to toe with a great team at their place. Not going to overthink this result. Millsap/Horford played very poor and we were tied with 2 minutes to go.

No shame in losing to these guys in their building. Memphis is maybe the last team anyone would want to have a playoff series with due to their sheer physicality

Oh well, not a good game, but Memphis is a quality team and the Hawks played hard and were in striking distance for the most part and basically was a slug out to the end. Horford and Sap just had a bad night, but their isn't no shame in that, the NBA season is a marathon and the Hawks just need to prepare for the next game

SA and Memphis are the only teams I can see beating GS in the playoffs from the West.