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Recapping the Enemy: The View From Minnesota

Pre-, in-, and post-game views from Timberwolves fans

The following are actual comments gathered from Minnesota forums

Pre-game views

Expect a lot of energy from the crowd and a close game.

Let's blow Memphis out but 1000 so Jorger gets fired and we can steal him.

In-game views

Target Center sounds hyped again. Too bad we are starting out bad again haha.

KG owning them. He has had more defensive plays in this game than Thad all season. Damn.

Can't tell if Memphis is being sloppy or if we're playing good D. Could be both

Well that looked like basketball in the first quarter.

Great quarter of basketball. Memphis didn't score much, but they still made a lot of tough contested shots. Our defence is 10 times better now with Garnett in the fold.

we are not playing good. Gasol is owning us.

Martin needs to show up

WTF. KG is out. BS man, fans are going to riot.

How embarrassing is this for the NBA ? Stupid call.

Atrocious start to the second half. Ugh.

Fans pushing our boys to the max!

Not wise for the Grizz to give LeVine dunk position.

Wiggs the new PF is now checking Zach while Zach is checking Lavine on the other end; hilarious.

Marc is a cold mofo.

Mike Conley you slick sick b*****d.

Post-game views

Screw the refs, and the Grizzlies and their 36 year old manchild owner. Will take Glen Taylor over him any day, and that is saying something.

Of course Memphis is one of the NBA's beloved "small market" teams they claim are so successful but are actually quite the opposite in reality, bleed tons of money, so they need to show favouritism towards them, especially since i'ts such a heavily black city too.

Great game though, great energy at TC. We probably would have won that if we had 10 more minutes of KG. Not the worst loss as it helps the pin pong balls and the Knicks won.

Hey guys, just remember our draft pick this summer. Then it's Wins and playoffs next year.

I wish we had Marc Gasol.

Daaaaamn. Close call. Grizz big 3 came up too big in the end. Shame KMart didn't score that last 3, cause he was on such a good roll from beyond the arc. Hard fought match again. It's almost as if we are back to being last years team.

Memphis just is a better team and hit some clutch shots. KG fouling out and Pek being banged up didn't help either.

This is the kind of game I like. A competitive loss

It was obvious Memphis wanted to take shots away from K-Mart; I think he had 4 points through 3 quarters until he hit 3 straight three-pointers to help bring us back and take a brief lead.

Marc Gasol is a really dirty player.. He's got away with all sorts of bs tonight.