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Report Card: Memphis Grizzlies at Chicago Bulls

The complete report card of the Grizzlies win over the Bulls.

Grizzlies Report Card

Grizzlies 101 - Bulls 91

Coach Dave Joerger:

Grade: A-

Coach Joerger was playing the matchups all over the court. Vince Carter played his first second half since he returned from the break while NIck Calathes sat out. The Grizzlies needed the offense of Carter and Beno Udrih to get the win. Jeff Green was matching up against Nikola Mirotic, and he outplayed him. Coach Joerger needs to start conserving Mike Conley, but I don't think that's going to be in the cards going forward.


Mike Conley: 31 MINS | 9 PTS | 3-13 FGS | 9 ASTS | 5 REBS | +18

Grade: B

The Mike Conley that we know isn't here right now, but the Conley that is here is finding ways to be effective. He was dishing the ball and rebounding while the Grizzly bigs were occupied elsewhere. I think everyone knows by now that Mike is hurt, so the speed that he usually possesses is fleeting, thus he scores when he has an open lane and he's struggling with his jumper.

Courtney Lee: 27 MINS | 7 PTS | 3-8 FGS | 2 REBS | +7

Grade: B-

Usually when Courtney Lee misses a few shots, he stops shooting. That didn't happen against the Bulls. He missed a few shots but kept up his confidence so he could hit a three and two other shots. The Grizzlies are much better when Courtney Lee is being even a little good at basketball.

Jeff Green: 34 MINS | 19 PTS | 7-11 FGS | 7 REBS | +10

Grade: A

JEFF GREEN FINALLY GOT AN A! It's like your friend that could never do well on a test because he never studied hard enough, but he finally gets a good grade BECAUSE HE DID WHAT HE WAS SUPPOSED TO DO. I've been pretty hard on Jeff Green during his tenure in Memphis, but if he keeps that up, he will absolutely be the player the Grizzlies thought he would be.

His most effective minutes came at the four with the rest of the bench. I wouldn't start expecting Green to hit above the break threes, but he was hitting his threes from the corner. Being aggressive is important for Green, and he was on another level last night. So Green was going to the rim and hitting his jumpers at the same time for the first time as a Grizzly. His defense on NIkola Mirotic was great at times, and he actually looked like he wanted to play defense!

Zach Randolph: 30 MINS | 16 PTS | 7-12 FGS | 9 REBS | +21

Grade: B

Nobody on the Bulls could guard Randolph. Joakim Noah and Pau Gasol tried their hardest, but it wasn't working out for them. He started the game with a few jumpers and it looked like the Bulls had scared him out of the paint. But as always ZBo made his way inside. He was 5-6 from under the goal and 2-3 from the block. It was an efficient night for ZBo.

Marc Gasol: 37 MINS | 23 PTS | 10-16 FGS | 4 REBS | +24

Grade: A

I don't know what made Marc take over the game against the Bulls. Maybe he finally realized that the Grizzlies need him to be aggressive again or maybe Pau Gasol woke up the little brother inside him so he wanted to destroy Pau and make him cry. Marc went full WENDIGOOOOOOO against the Bulls. He was splashing jumpers to make up for all the ones he's missed in the last month. It was amazing to watch Marc on fire like that.


Vince Carter: 13 MINS | 9 PTS| 4-6 FGS | 2 REBS | -4

Grade: B+

Vince still runs like he is stepping on nails, but he was hitting his shots and being the heat check player off the bench the Grizzlies need. He only had one shot at the rim and it was an up and under, but it was nice to see him going to the rim. I don't know if he can play defense, but when he's playing offense like this it doesn't matter.

Tony Allen: 28 MINS | 11 PTS | 5-8 FGS | 3 STLS | +1

Grade: B

The usual starting lineup (MC/Lee/TA/ZBo/Marc) struggled against the Bulls. The lineup is usually great, but Lee and Allen were struggling so much that they couldn't do anything. Luckily, he turned it around in the second half. He was great from the field and very gambly on defense. The Grizzly bigs were hitting him with great passes while he was cutting off the ball and he was driving hard at the rim.

Kosta Koufos: 13 MINS | 4 PTS | 2-3 FGS | 2 REBS | -15

Grade: C+

The win against the Bulls was like opposite day for Kosta Koufos. He wasn't great on defense and struggled on the boards, but he was good on offense. The Grizzlies backup center was setting good screens and was good from the field.

Beno Udrih: 19 MINS | 2 PTS | 1-5 FGS | 6 ASTS | -9

Grade: B-

Beno couldn't hit a shot to save his life, but he racked up 6 assists with the second unit. I think that Beno's minutes are going to be matchup-based going forward. The team needed his offense more than they needed Nick Calathes' defense.

Nick Calathes: 6 MINS | 0 PTS | 0-2 FGS| 1 ASTS | +0

Grade: Not Eligible

JaMychal Green: 2 MIN | 1 PTS | 1-2 FTS | 1 REB | -3

Grade: Not Eligible


Jordan Adams:: DNP Coach's Decision

Jarnell Stokes: DNP Coach's Decision

Jon Leuer: DNP Coach’s Decision