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Recapping the Enemy: The View From Chicago

Pre-, in-, and post-game views from Bulls fans

The following are actual comments gathered from Chicago forums

Pre-game views

Easy win.

Our biggest hope is Mirotic on Randolph.

It sucks watching these games and knowing they pretty much have no shot at winning. Just counting the days 'till Butler & Rose are back.

Another team that will probably want revenge on the Bulls for beating them in Memphis and Bulls will be tired, i think it will be an ugly game

In-game views

Dunleavy is useless out there right now. 3 wide open 3 pointers, and bricked every one of them

I love you Vince Carter!!

Niko is definitely not shy out there. It's what lets him make some big plays, but it will also drive you crazy as a fan sometimes.

This team is embarrassing to watch

This is getting out of hand

Pau is just a horrible defender. He can't do more than one thing on a defensive possession. He can't show and recover.

Marc is killing his brother

Marc taking Pau's lunch

always the friggin pick'n roll...

Marc took like 12 steps. NBA officiating folks.

Just imagine if they called fouls on Marc Gasol when he fouled his brother? He'd be riding the pine right now

Time to take Pau out. He's been horrible.

i don't even care what happens for the rest of this game niko murdered kosta koufos and i'm happy as hell

Why on earth did Thibs rest the white hot Snell there? **** he's horrible with rotations.

That was a clean block by Pau there.

Can't even get the right number of guys on the court. Fire his dumb ass.

Post-game views

Green is such a great weapon - so versatile

Wow these refs once again are just **** terrible. Where is the accountability in this league?

Thibs lost the game

Two people entirely responsible for tonight: thibs and pau.

Memphis scored 101 points on 50 percent shooting, in Thibodeau’s five seasons, only in 40 games has the opposing team scored 100+ points on 50+ percent shooting, and the Bulls are 5-35 in those games.

We lost last night's game because we couldn't stop the Grizzlies from scoring. Could Thibs rotations have been better? Idk, i honestly didn't even notice them being good or bad when watching the game so I had no gripes with them