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You'll want to see a more intimate look at the Memphis Grizzlies

A must see for Grizzlies fans, and NBA general fans in general will want to get a closer look a the future NBA Champions ;-)


NBA TV will broadcast the premiere of The Association: Memphis Grizzlies on Wednesday, March 11th at 5PM CT on, you guessed it, NBA TV. This should make a great primer for some Grizzlies domination at 7PM CT against the Boston Celtics.

I'm really excited about this, y'all. Any national attention for the Men of Beale is always satisfying to see, and in this instance we'll get a full half hour's worth of footage to peer into the inner workings of a pretty fascinating team. (Okay, more like 22 minutes after commercials, but still awesome.) If that interview of the Core Four with Jalen Rose was good, then this should be like a Ken Burns documentary.

Although this moment below is incredibly staged and awkward, I expect to see a lot of genuine, authentic scenes featuring a wide array of people from the Grizzlies organization. And hopefully they won't always be trying to eat and talk at the same time.

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