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Kevin Durant takes a subtle jab at Tony Allen and his "ok" defense

Grizzlies fans will appreciate the fuel, KD.

Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

Tony Allen and Kevin Durant have had some pretty epic matches over the past few years, with Allen usually taking on the task of guarding the scoring monster when the Memphis Grizzlies and OKC Thunder meet up. The Grindfather has earned a reputation of being able to put the lock down on Durant, but apparently KD doesn't really feel that way:

It's true that Durant has put up serious points against Tony many, many times, but let's not just brush games like this and this under the rug. I don't think it's a stretch for KD to say Tony "got cooked", but to describe the defense of Tony Allen as "ok" is something you might want to do in private rather than in public.

The Grizzlies will host the Thunder on April 3rd in Memphis. Hopefully Durant is back on his feet so we can see what the Grindfather's response will be.