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Recapping the Enemy: The View From Boston

Pre-, in-, and post-game views from Celtics fans

The following are actual comments gathered from Boston forums

Pre-game views

Our guys seem to be playing tougher against better opponents, especially at home. Expecting a close game tonight.

This is the toughest game left on our schedule this year. A win would be huge.

This is prob an L, Memphis been iffy, but I think it's a tank job to avoid OKC.

In order for this to even be a close game, I think our big guys are gonna have to knock down 3s. I doubt Z-Bo or Gasol are gonna go out and contest on the perimeter.

In-game views

We might be able to hang around here. Can't imagine at the end of the night we can stay in the game. Grizz rebounding is just too good.

Koufos needs to give it up..... Shave that head....

Celtics, need to smarten it up. -- We can win this game.

If you told me earlier today that we'd be tied at halftime. i'd say your full of **** and have you reported. I'll take it.

Man, we need a high flying dunker or something on this team. Watching these guys brick threes over and over gets stale.

Not sure how serious the Grizzlies are taking the celtics right now.

Dang, I hope Conley is okay.

Pressey with the great 3 point attempt.. too bad he couldn't draw iron..

We've been on the other side of these games a million times. Can't help but feel that Memphis is gonna quit dicking around and take care of business in the 4th.

Grizz take it strong to the hoop, Celtics go up like Girl Scouts.

**** Tony Allen..we did a good job on Gasol and Randolph but **** Tony Allen of all people just murdered us.

TA hasn't taken a jump shot tonight. Can we like kind of contain him off the dribble? Even I know this.

TA looks like a **** superstar out there



Im gonna cry if jeff green ties this.

Impressive win!

Post-game views

I really really like this Grizzlies team and i want to see them go to the finals.

Best win of the year??

I'll be royally damned. We actually beat Memphis.

Man that was fun.

This is the game of the year. More great things to come!!!

Insane man, who would had thought we'd improve by this much after we shipped out Rondo/Green. I can't believe were even talking playoffs right now.

Wow, somebody at the game got stabbed.  Non life threatening injuries, but still pretty bizarre.

gasol and zbo had one of their worse games this year.

great win! Memphis is a darn good team too.