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Recapping the Enemy: The View From Washington

Pre-, In- and Post-game views from Wizards fans

The following are actual comments gathered from Washington forums

Pre-game views

After a blow out against CHA, this would be a big win for the Wizards.

If we don't get raped, I consider that a big win, because they have advantages on the frontline and on the bench. And coaching too. And GM. And owner.

Kevin Seraphin vs. Koastas is going to work out hilariously bad for us. As well as Gooden against Leur. As well Green V. Pierce. As well their guards vs our guards... Wall might be the only guy that is at their I expect a 15 point loss. Anything less would be a surprise.

Wizards actually matchup pretty well with the Grizzlies, wouldn't be surprised to see Washington pull out a double digit win.

Tough matchup. They're basically built like us but do what we do better.

Damn, I wanted to see us play a full-strength Grizzly squad.

In-game views
Man, Green's a bona fide Wizard-killer -- and he's gonna get a ton of minutes (and looks) tonight.

If Memphis had the regular starters they would have 6 points right now, but no, these guys are animals. 21 points in 7 minutes

What an embarrassing defensive effort

Man, who's our shooting coach? We need to poach someone from somewhere.

Held MEM to 14 in the 2Q. Granted, they were playing the end of their bench...but still.

These Grizzlies have gotten chippy this half. I was glad to see Gortat give a hard foul to retaliate.

That was a pretty cheap shot by Seraphin, pulling his arm down after the dunk. Seraphin deserves at least a Flagrant 1 if not a Flagrant 2.
Flagrant 2. I think that's right. Grabbing the arm on the way down crossed the line.

Post-game views

All things considered, this was a nice win. Yeah, Memphis was ridiculously short handed, but that's what you're supposed to do when you face a short handed team. Blow them out.

Good win. Interesting move by MEM to sit so many starters. Thank you MEM. Two wins counts as a win streak

thank you Coach Dave for resting all of the players that would have scorched our team tonight.

definitely beats losing, but this wasn’t the Grizzlies

Even if it wasn’t really the full Grizzlies team, I liked how the Wizards played. They played with more energy than I’ve seen in a while. They really got back to being aggressive on defense, forced a ton of turnovers, and pushed the pace.

I still got Conley and Westbrook ahead of Wall for sure

Good win but does not mean much. Shows they can beat a good team’s B squad.