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Recapping the Enemy: The View From Milwaukee

Pre-, in-, and post-game views from Bucks fans

The following are actual comments gathered from Milwaukee forums

Pre-game views

Gonna be a true upset if we pull this out somehow.

Fresh grizzlies team ready to absolutely smash us. I'll be very impressed if we keep this close.

Even without Conley they should cruise to an easy win. But ya never know.

Gasol and Randolph are going to murder us, we have nobody that can match up with them. Going to need a superhuman effort from someone to keep us in the game.

In-game views

I like that we're pushing it early. Nice start

I wish Ersan's fadeaways would fade away from his game.

Zaza is the ingrown pube of this team. Please trade him this offseason.

I have a feeling ZBo and Giannis aren't getting along well? ZBo looks pissed at someone/thing.

we look awful on offense

O'Bryant on Randolph is not going to be good.

Damn, Gasol hurt. Hopefully he got kneed in the thigh.

Zaza is just awful, he's gone to such lengths as to injure our future C to try and protect his job.

Let the beatdown commence with the corpse of Vince Carter, Tony Allen who doesn't have much of an offensive game and Kosta **** Koufos leading the charge.

6'11 Henson can't post-up 6'6 old man Vince...

honestly our effort just looks like crap compared to there's

Id let Giannis impregnate my wife and raise that baby up on the court

Somehow down just seven is amazing.

Wow, that ZBo pass to Gasol was awesome.

Calathes headlock on Henson = jump ball

That's it, I'm out

Post-game views

I'm actually starting to get concerned about even making the playoffs at this point, we suck

The Gasol brothers are the most aesthetically unappealing dunkers of the past 4 decades.

Should have gotten that arena money upfront. If the Bucks drop out of the playoffs no one is going to want to pay for that thing.

Well with all due respect Gasol and Randolph make a living pretty much dominating everyone…but yeah…never getting rebounds and constantly giving up shots at the rim doesn’t help….