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GBB 2015 NBA Mock Draft 1.0: Picks 16-30

GBB's First Mock Draft of The Year

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GBB Mock Draft Part I - Picks 1-15

The NCAA regular season is coming to an end and March Madness is in full swing. That means it's the fourth best time of the year (Christmas, NBA Finals and my birthday). MOCK DRAFT TIME!

Here are the rules:

  • Chip Williams and I are putting on our GM caps and switching picks.
  • Trades are possible.
  • No picking Memphis Tigers.

*The draft order is of March 10, 2015. Some changes have transpired between now and then.

With the sixteenth pick, the Indiana Pacers select......Trey Lyles (6'10" 250 lbs.) Power Forward, Kentucky.

Jonah: The Indiana Pacers need a younger frontcourt mate for Roy Hibbert and Lyles could be the replacement for David West. The two are similar players, actually. Lyles has a great midrange game and has some nifty post up moves. The Pacers haven't had a passer out of the high quite like Lyles. He could come in and help the Pacers right away. The problem is that he's not very athletic and needs to get stronger so he can compete on defense at the NBA level. I'm actually surprised he slipped this far considering how talented he is.

There has been a trade:

Milwaukee receives: Patrick Patterson and a 2016 second round pick.

Toronto receives: the No. 17 pick and Damien Inglis.

With the seventeenth pick, the Toronto Raptors select.........Bobby Portis (6'10" 235 lbs.) Power Forward, Arkansas

Chip: Toronto felt left out of the run of power forwards we're currently on so they quickly jump up to nab a guy who could end up being one of the two or three best power forwards in the draft class. It comes at a price, giving up Patrick Patterson, but Ports instantly becomes Toronto's most talented power forward. And he'll compete with Tyler Hansbrough, Amir Johnson and James Johnson for minutes. Portis was the best player on a really good Arkansas team - averaging 18 and 9 while posting a 31.1 PER as a sophomore.

As for Milwaukee, they needed front court help immediately, and they got it in Patterson. It was worth it to the Bucks not to pick in this year's first round in order to get immediate help in Patterson - who's under contract through the 2016-17 season at just under $6 million per year.

Jonah: Bobby Portis is a great fit in Toronto. He can faceup and he's tough as nails. Man, this draft is forward heavy. Not many point guards have distinguished themselves early in the season.

With the eighteenth pick in the draft, the Oklahoma City Thunder select......Caris LeVert (6'7" 200 lbs.) Shooting Guard, MIchigain.

Jonah: The Oklahoma City Thunder improved a good deal with the additions they made at the trade deadline. But they are still lacking a quality combo guard that can impact the game quickly off the bench. Their bench immediately gets better with the addition of LeVert. He can play either guard position and may be able to slide into the three spot in some situations. Considering his small frame, he's probably going to struggle on the defensive end in the NBA. He's a stick at only 200 pounds.

Chip: Caris LeVert was born to play for OKC.

With the ninteenth pick, the Washington Wizards select..........Jerian Grant (6'5" 204 lbs.) Point Guard, Notre Dame.

Chip: Grant is the best player left on the board at this point. In fact, there is a possibility that he ends up being a late lottery pick, so getting him  at ninteen is great value for the Wizards. Grant has elite size for the point guard position. He's proven to be a good scorer and a very good distributor in his time at Notre Dame. Grant should be able to compete for backup minutes right away - possibly replacing what Andre Miller used to give Washington. The Wizards would have loved to get some type of big man at this point, but with the recent run of bigs being drafted, there wasn't really one worthy of being selected here that could justify passing on Grant.

Jonah: Our first point guard off the board! Jerian Grant has a chance to move up if he can perform in March/April.

With the twentieth pick, the Toronto Raptors select.......Justin Anderson (6'6" 227 lbs.) Small Forward, Virginia.

Jonah: The Raptors need a great knockdown shooter like Anderson. He can step in and hit open threes while not stopping the ball like most of the Raptors wings do. Anderson has potential to a defensive stopper in the NBA. He has the tools and knows how to play great defense at Virginia. I wouldn't be shocked if the Raptors tried to move this pick after trading up earlier in the round.

Chip: Anderson has good 3-and-D potential in the league. I like this pick for the Raptors. He may nit be the most talented player left on the board, but he will be a very solid role player. And teams with championship aspirations needs guys like just Anderson.

With the twenty-first pick, the Chicago Bulls select..........George Lucas (6'5" 196 lbs.) Point Guard, Pinheiros (Brazil)

Chip: The Bulls pull the first surprise of the draft and take a guy who is a likely draft and stash player in George Lucas. The Brazilian native has elite size for the point guard position at 6'5" but probably more impressive is his 7'1" wingspan and Kawhi Leonard-sized hands. Lucas is incredibly strong and shifty, but he does have a ways left to go in the athleticism department. At just 18 years old, Lucas has already shown the ability to produce professionally - averaging 11 points, five rebounds and over three assists per game last season. There's no telling what happens with Derrick Rose has he is now forced to work back from another injury, so maybe Chicago wants to keep Lucas overseas for a couple of seasons until the young point guard is ready to make the transition to the NBA.

Jonah: There's always that one guy I've never heard of. I think he's going to be good just because his name is George Lucas.

With the twenty-second pick, the Cleveland Cavaliers select...........Tyus Jones (6'1" 190 lbs.) Point Guard, Duke

Jonah: With Matthew Dellavedova not living up to expectations, the Cavaliers look to bolster their point guard rotation. Jones isn't going to be the next Kyrie Irving, but he can be a great roleplayer in the league. He would thrive in a Mario Chalmers like role for the Cavaliers. He can hit spot up threes or operate in the pick and roll with Mozgov or LeBron. Unfortunately, he isn't the strongest guy in the world, but he is quick and get up every once in a while. The Cavs are perfect for him because they could hide him on defense with ease.

Chip: I'm not sure if Jones comes out in this draft or not, but when he does he should make a solid backup or lower end startling point guard. He's proven to be a big time gamer so far in his freshman season at Duke, and it's obvious that he is supremely talented.

With the twenty-third pick, the Dallas Mavericks select.........Jakob Poeltl (7'0' 235 lbs.) Center, Utah

Chip: The Mavericks could use all the help they can get in the frontcourt. Poeltl is the highest ranked center left on the board, and he makes a lot of sense in Dallas. Poeltl averaged 8.5 points, 7.3 rebounds and 1.9 blocks on 68.7 percent shooting (!!!!) in 23 minutes per game as a freshman. Poeltl will need time to develop - like most big men entering the NBA - but he could be thrust into early action with Dallas. Tyson Chandler, Amare Stoudemire, Charlie Villanueva and Greg Smith can all become free agents after this season.

Jonah: Aw man the Mavs with a shocker!

With the twenty-fourth pick, the San Antonio Spurs select....... Sam Dekker (6'9" 220 lbs.) Small Forward, Wisconsin.

Jonah: If Dekker figures out his jumper he could be considered THE steal of the draft. He can do all types of things on offense because of his athleticism and high basketball IQ. I'm pretty confident Gregg Popovich and co. can figure out what ails his jumper. If the Spurs are patient with him, Dekker could be a great role player down the road.

Chip: I was going to be genuinely upset if you didn't select Dekker with the Spurs pick. He scream San Antonio Spur, and I personally like him as a prospect. Pop will, undoubtedly, maximize Dekker and make him a very useful player.

With the twenty-fifth pick, the Boston Celtics select.....R.J. Hunter (6'5" 180 lbs.) Shooting Guard, Georgia State.

Chip: It's not too often that you get guys out of a lower division college basketball program like Georgia State being draft in the first round, but R.J. Hunter warrants the selection. The 6'5" junior can absolutely fill it up - averaging 19.6 points, 4.9 rebounds, 3.7 assists, two steals and one block per game last season. Hunter - similar to Ray McCallum a few years ago -  turned down other major D-1 offers to play for his father at Georgia State. Hunter is not a great athlete and does not have great size, but he is a very skilled basketball player with a high basketball IQ. Brad Stevens will love him.

Jonah: Boston is racking up in this draft! Hunter is a great fit next to Marcus Smart and Avery Bradley on the wings.

With the twenty-sixth pick, the Portland Trailblazers select.......Cliff Alexander (6'8" 240 lbs.) Power Forward, Kansas.

Jonah: The Trailblazers just go for the most talented guy on the board after failing to trade up. If you had asked me this time last year to do this mock draft Cliff Alexander was a top 10 guy and I wouldn't have budged on it. I think he is regretting the decision to go to Kansas where he is lost in Bill Self's offense. Alexander is a force below the rim and could be a great rebounder at the next level. I think this is a low risk/ very, very high reward pick for the Blazers.

Chip: I think Cliff Alexander will be a solid role player at the next level but not really anything more. His draft stock has plummeted since he's been in college. Had he of come straight out of high school, he'd have easily been a top-10 pick. Heck, if he was two or three inches taller he'd probably be a top-10 pick anyways.

With the twenty-seventh pick, the Los Angles Lakers select.........Cameron Payne (6'2" 180 lbs.) Point Guard, Murray State.

Chip: This is the quintessential Lakers pick. L.A. is all about the flashy stars, and right now there are not too many hotter names in college basketball than Cameron Payne. The Memphis native has put up superstar numbers (20, 6 and 4) while leading Murray State to a 27-5 record. The Lakers are just accumulating as much talent as they possibly can right now, and while Payne may never be anything more than a reserve point guard, he's got the national attention and flair that play well in Los Angles.

Jonah: Two players in a row that should have been playing in Memphis Tiger blue this season! You don't see that too often. Payne is going to rocket up draft boards during the tournament, but I'm not sure that he is going to come out this soon. I think he may be in a Damian LIllard type situation.

With the twenty-eighth pick, the Memphis Grizzlies select.......Terran Petteway (6'6" 215 lbs.) Small Forward, Nebraska.

Jonah: John Hollinger, Grizzlies front office man that runs THE MACHINE and noted Virginia alum, is fuming that Justin Anderson didn't fall this far. Petteway is the next best option for the Grizzlies maligned wing rotation. He is about as relentless and as talented as they come. The older forward will fit right in with everything the Grizzlies have going on.

Chip: Oh, man. As much as I love Terran Petteway, he's not a first round pick. Grizz probably could have traded back into the second round to get him, but he might turn himself into a role player at the next level. Rondae Hollis-Jerfferson or Aleksander Vezenkov may have been a better options here.

With the twenty-ninth pick, the Brooklyn Nets select..........Christian Wood (6'11" 220 lbs.) Power Forward, UNLV.

Chip: Hey, Brooklyn, how's that Joe Johnson trade working out (hehehehe). At least you got Christian Wood near then end of the first round. I have Wood very close to a top-20 prospect in this year's draft, so getting him here is a great value pick. Wood is just another very talented power forward in a power forward rich draft. He averaged 15 and 10 as a sophomore and made just slightly under one three-point make per game. Standing 6'11" with a 7'2" wingspan, Wood had tremendous size for the power forward position, and he's projects to be a productive big man at the next level. At this point, Brooklyn needs to accumulate as much talent as possible so maybe Wood ends up being a starter on down the line. Probably not, but hey, I'm trying to give you some hope here, Brooklyn.

Jonah: I like Christian Wood to Brooklyn. He fills the need space that Kevin Garnett left behind when he was traded. Brooklyn will love to have a talented player that's not two years from being in an announcing booth or Lionel Hollins' coaching staff.

With the thirtieth pick, the Golden State Warriors select.....Rondae Hollis Jefferson (6'6" 212 lbs.) Small Forward, Arizona.

Jonah: Steve Kerr and company are super salty right now that the Nets stole Christian Wood right out from under them. Their needs are tough to pin down so they settle for the player with the most upside. STAY IN SCHOOL, RONDAE. DO NOT LISTEN TO WHOEVER TELLS YOU TO LEAVE. Jefferson could be a very good NBA player one day, but right now he is raw. He can't shoot and relies on his athleticism to score. There is upside though. He can be a defensive stopper from his first day on the floor. You don't see that from rookies very often. I think the jumpshot will be there eventually, but why rush into the pros when you can take time in college and be a lottery pick in one or two years?

And that's the first round.

Chip: Allow me to go on record by saying that Dakari Johnson will play in the NBA for 12+ years and averaged 10 points, eight rebounds and two blocks per game. Somebody is going to be getting a second round steal.

Jonah: I wanted the Warriors to pick him up, but I'm not sure he's quick enough to make it up and down the floor with them. Definitely a second round steal though. If Kennedy Meeks goes in the first round I'll eat my shoes.

GBB Mock Draft Part I - Picks 1-15