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Recapping the Enemy: The View From Denver

Pre-, In- and Post-game views from Nuggets fans

Following are actual comments gathered from Denver forums

Pre-game views

Lets start a long losing streak to end the season...

Finishing off the season strong would restore our image and build morale during this post Shaw haze we're in until next year.

The opportunity tonight is that Memphis might not take us seriously

In-game views

Wow, Nurk is a cardboard cutout tonight

Players playing like they know they've been set up to lose

Jesus, this is like a drunken frat game. Played in potato sacks. Blindfolded.

Keep in mind that playing Memphis is always gross looking

This is one of those few times you miss JaVale.... because we don't have anyone that can jump right now.

It is a miracle that we're only down 7. Absolute Miracle.

Yep. If they don't wanna win this even with our 3 best players out, might as well try to win it. I think the Grizz will grind us down as we go, but we’ll see.

it blows my mind that we are still in this game

Memphis is boring as hell

Memphis is done f*****g around

Post-game views

Worst game of the season from Nurk

the Grizzlies looked just as sloppy as we did. probably would have won this if Faried, Ty and Gallo weren't "resting".

Grizzlies are too anemic offensively to make a serious run.

sidenote: f**k Koufus. for two straight years this giant pussy wilted under the physicality of the playoffs and threw our rotation out of whack.

good effort - great coaching

Hung in there with Memphis all game. That's pretty damn good while missing your 3 best players.

I gotta stop making my own bets. I took Memphis -13

Gasol is the best Center in the league and the only reason why Nurkic had a big game against him the first time was because Gasol had absolutely no clue who he was