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Recapping the Enemy: The View From Detroit

Pre-, in-, and post-game views from Pistons fans

The following are actual comments gathered from Detroit forums

Pre-game views

Pistons coming home. And after 10 losses, who is their opponent? Memphis. Going to be tough to avoid #11. Memphis is the #2 seed in the West, and they can't afford any losses to keep that slot.

Play till the end. That's all I ask for.

A good healthy loss here. Nothing more or less.

Good news is the Pistons have some bigs to play with Gasol and ZBo. I expect us to play well, but in the end, another L.

In-game views

Gasol hittin threes lol

Reggie would be so good if he would attack the basket every time, he is a good finisher I don't know why he has to take a floater every time.

this is going to be a blow out

Nick Calathes is 26 but looks like he is 40

Reggie killin it!

We fight hard every game but just aren't good enough to win.

Making the Grizz work hard... great foot movement ... not a weak link at the moment to break down the help

the lead

Im starting to worry that we might win this game...

i like the D we are playing, Detroit basketball defense

I know we should be tanking but I enjoy seeing them compete like this

Gasol gone!

So this is what it feels like to win.

Post-game views

Gasol is an elite big,can pass,shoot,rb,defend.footwork.

I certainly wouldn't mind targeting Jeff Green this offseason.

Memphis misses Conley so much its crazy.

Probably one of the top 10 performances from a PG this season, great game for Reggie. Have to hope this is a turning point for him.

A high pick will do sooo much more for this team than winning meaningless games

A nice surprise to win that one.

Now we need to get back to losing

I dont mean to be a butt-hole, but I see Reggie had a good game against Udrih(second-string player). It would have meant more if Conley was playing.