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GBBLive Preview: GBB's Jordan and ESPN's Elhassan on Memphis and the West

Tonight at 6:30 PM CST GBBLive is back on BlogTalkRadio with guests GBB's Chris Faulkner and Jonah Jordan as well as ESPN's Amin Elhassan! Find out how to listen here.

What a week or so of Memphis Grizzlies basketball it has been, folks! An all-new GBBLive has you covered with some of the best analysis of the week that was and what it all means for the Bears of Beale Street in terms of the playoffs. Listen to the show live here at 6:30 PM CST or via this link. Then, subscribe to the show on ITunes and never miss another podcast!

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In the first segment, Host Joe Mullinax and Producer Chip Williams will be joined by Grizzly Bear Blues' Managing Editor Chris Faulkner for the weekly "Grizzly Bear News" segment.  The guys will discuss the roller coaster that was the past week as well as potential chemistry issues within the club and Mike Conley's ongoing health concerns.

The second segment will feature the first GBBLive appearance for GBB contributor Jonah Jordan. We'll cover mock drafts and discuss whether or not we're asking too much of Marc Gasol as fans of the Grizzlies.

Finally, Amin Elhassan of ESPN will make his return to GBBLive to talk out the lay of the land in the Western Conference. Joe and Chip will ask Amin about who the Grizzlies should fear, if anyone, out West.

All this and  a lot more on an all-new GBBLive! Follow us on Twitter @GBBLive, subscribe to the Podcast on ITunes, and follow our BlogTalkRadio page! Also sign up for an Audio Book membership using to get an awesome deal and join GBBLive as we make a donation to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

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