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Former Grizzly Quincy Pondexter finding a groove down in NOLA

Checking in on QPon

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

When Quincy Pondexter was shipped out as a part of the three-team trade that brought the Grizzlies Jeff Green and Russ Smith, most fans would probably have agreed that it was a good move for all parties involved. Kevin Lipe even wrote about Q's need for a change in scenery back in December.

It was tough for him to find a comfortable role in Memphis, and the stress of that process was heavily affecting his shooting percentages to the point where he was, well, let's just say he was a warm body on the court. Dave Joerger needed him to be a three-and-D guy off the bench, and while he could provide some nice defense, his three-point shooting was the exact opposite of what the Grizzlies needed.

What most of us wanted to see from QPon were nights of long-range shooting that played to the tune of 1/1 or 1/2 from three: timely shots in limited minutes. Quincy's 3P stat line registered those ratios just TWICE in his 30 games in Memphis, and he shot 40% or higher just five times.

During his time in Memphis this season, Pondexter never made more than (3) threes in a game, and he needed 8 attempts to get that lone set of (3). Combine that with the fact that he rarely got near double-digit scoring, and the Grizzlies confidence in him just started plummeting to the point where he'd get methodically DNP-CD'd after poor showings.

It was time for a change, and so far it appears as though everyone was right. Just glancing through his game log from New Orleans will show you some immediate improvement.

The initial transition was still pretty rough, but the month of February showed everyone the side of Pondexter that's a nice rotation player to have on your roster. He finished the month shooting 37.1% from three and recording a percentage of 40% or higher in 6/11 games. He's up to averaging double-digit scoring for the Pelicans while peppering in stat activity all over the box score.

It's really nice to see things working out for a guy who was nothing but kind to fans and genuinely involved in the Memphis community. Aside from his personal development, the Pelicans are playing well (winners of 5 straight) and are now only a half game behind OKC for the 8th seed in the West. Hopefully Quincy gets to be a part of a push for the playoffs that puts some heat on the Thunder as we get into the final stretch of the season.


The Grizzlies will likely see plenty of Pondexter on Saturday when they play the Pelicans in New Orleans.