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Recapping the Enemy: The View from Dallas

Pre-, in-, and post-game views from Maverick fans

Pre-game Views

This one's got loss written all over it.Grizzlies get smoked by Pistons. Z-Bo calls out team. Likely to have a strong response.
Another big win tonight will do wonders for everyone's psyche. I think we're a better team now and have a lot of weapons. We can compete against the Griz! I predict a win!!!
Gonna be a tough one, Z-Bo is going to get an easy double-double, but if Conley is still out I expect Rondo might get his first triple double as a Mav. I really feel the game will come down to whether Ty can effectively challenge Gasol as the last 3 he put up 30, 20, and a 16/10.
lets goooo time to see if we’ve really turned a corner
I don't want to get my hopes up but go Mavs. Hope Conley is out, we could use all the advantages against the elite teams.

In-game Views

Don't understand these rotations. Wish RC had Barea stuck up his ass
I (kind of) understand Foster ejecting Amare, but the Rick call was just him getting trigger happy. Mavs have played to Memphis' game all night, have to try and get more stuff in the open court.
This game is just annoying Memphis is an irritating team to play. Also, I’m working on three hours of sleep, so everything annoys me right now. The sky annoys me.
Mavs are losing this one in the worst way, missed FTs, plus Monta throwing up a dud until the 4th. Team is not going anywhere if he's not on his game.
To be honest I don't see bad refs, I see bad Mavs...

Post-game Views

The Grizzlies are better than we are, no surprise.
Memphis is just better than us That’s fine, I guess.
meh feels like vince carter beat us the most
Well it is memphis. City of whiners.
We got killed by their bigs, I don't think different rotations would've made a difference but I think if there's a first round series they're going to have to live with doubling and helter skeltar defense. Zbo has dominated Chandler, and Gasol does his on Dirk as well. the other bigs we have are Greg Smith, Powell and Sarge.