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Lil Wayne Grades The Grizzlies: Memphis Grizzlies vs. Portland Trail Blazers

Lil Wayne grades the Grizzlies win over the Portland Trailblazers.

Spruce Derden-USA TODAY Sports

Grizzlies Report Card

Grizzlies 97 - Blazers 86

Coach Dave Joerger:

Grade: A

"Go DJ" by Lil Wayne




Coach Dave Joerger survived a miserable game from his bench and Courtney Lee being out due to a sprained wrist. The Grizzlies were like a well oiled machine at times against the Blazers. Everything Joerger was doing made absolute sense. The lineups put everyone on the floor in a position to succeed by avoiding putting players into roles they weren't comfortable with or were statistically good. It helps that the Grizzlies were draining threes like never before, but THAT WAS THE PLAN THE WHOLE TIME (it wasn't).


Mike Conley: 34 MINS | 21 PTS | 8-11 FGS | 9 ASTS | +32

Grade: A

"Drop The World" by Lil Wayne ft. Eminem

MIKE CONLEY IS BACK AND IT'S AMAZING!!!!! HIS BODY IS NO LONGER WRACKED WITH MORE INJURIES THAN ANY NORMAL HUMAN CAN STAND. In the game against the Blazers Mike Conley dropped the world on anyone who tried to guard him. They had no way of stopping him. I've missed Mike Conley so so much. I missed the right and left handed floaters, sneaking around the three point line only to dash behind a Gasol screen to get open and the attitude he brings to the table. He's not too high or too low and considering the personalities the Grizzlies possess this is huge. You are crazy if you didn't think I was using this song for Mike. He has the iciest vains of any Grizzly possibly ever.

Tony Allen: 35 MINS | 10 PTS | 4-6 FGS | 11 REBS | 6 STLS | +27

Grade: A-

"Fireman" By Lil Wayne

"You can spark it up and I'mma put you out". I don't think a lyric in any song quite encapsulates Tony Allen quite like that one. He was all over the place on defense. When the Grizzlies are sending his tape in to be nominated for First Team All-Defense they should use this game. He was on a whole other letter than everyone else. The Grizzlies needed him to do a good amount of things since Courtney Lee was out, but TA stepped up like he always does. Oh and TA hit a three! It was awesome.

Jeff Green: 40 MINS | 23 PTS | 8-16 FGS | 9 REBS | +15

Grade: A+

"Prom Queen" By Lil Wayne

We thought we had Jeff Green figured out. We thought we knew what part he had to play in all of this. Then he comes out and lights the world on fire. Green followed up one of his better games in a Grizzly uniform with his absolute best game. He shot 5-7 from three point land, stayed engaged on defense all game and crashed the glass relentlessly. If you had told me that I would be seeing Green hit 5 threes before I walked into the Forum I would have called you crazy. But it happened. He was open and hit his shots. And finally the moment I've been waiting on happened. Jeff broke out the TA flex while running down the court. What a boss move.

Zach Randolph: 31 MINS | 17 PTS | 8-20 FGS | 4 REBS | +24

Grade: B

"Knockout" By Lil Wayne ft. Nicki Minaj

Marc Gasol: 33 MINS | 13 PTS | 4-15 FGS | 9 REBS | +26

Grade: B

The lead was slipping away after a dismal effort from the bench unit when ZBo came in and knocked out the competition. He took over to make sure everything was over once and for all. He was taking guys off the dribble and hitting the midrange jab step jumper. Then he got so confident he shot and made a three pointer. ZBo made sure the Blazers were dead and gone by the end of the game.

"A Milli" By Lil Wayne (NSFW)

Much like "A Milli" is all of the best parts of Lil Wayne, the game against the Blazers was all of the best parts of Marc Gasol. He was playing great defense and distributing the ball perfectly, while picking and choosing when to be aggressive. The defense Gasol played on well just about everybody was back to his DPOY standards. The one block he had on Robin Lopez was right in front of me in the Forum and kind of vicious. You don't realize how much he does on defense until you are up close to him. Gasol is constantly pointing and talking on defense. It's like he's the coach on that end or something.


Kosta Koufos: 19 MINS | 4 PTS | 2-5 FGS | 5 REBS| -6

Grade: B

"No Worries" By Lil Wayne

Marc Gasol struggled with foul trouble for the third straight game. But as usual I have nothing to worry about with Koufos backing him up. His +/- isn't great because he was stuck with the rest of the bench for so long, but he had a really good game. He stifled Robin Lopez or those other Blazer bigs who aren't even worth mentioning.

Nick Calathes: 16 MINS | 3 PTS | 1-3 FGS| 1 REB | -13

Beno Udrih: 14 MIN | 4 PTS | 1-4 FGS | 2 ASTS | -21

Grades: C

"Got Money" By Lil Wayne ft. T-Pain and Mack Maine

Beno and Nick are like Wayne and T-Pain in this video. They saw that lead the starters built up and figured it would be a great idea to give it back to Portland. Neither guard was particularly impressive considering their competition was Steve Blake and CJ McCollum. I definitely thought one would separate themselves from the other so the backup point position would have some consistency. Oh well. Both did some good things, but they did more damage than good.

Vince Carter: 14 MINS | 2 PTS| 1-7 FGS | 2 REBS | -21

Grade: D

"Shooter" by Lil Wayne ft. Robin Thicke

Not quite a shooter on this occasion. Vince struggled after playing well against Dallas. He was missing his open shots then started forcing it. Not a good combination for Carter.

Jon Leuer: 6 MINS | 0 PTS | 0-2 FGS | 1 REB | -8

Grade: Not Eligible


Jordan Adams:: DNP Coach's Decision

JaMycahl Green: DNP Coach's Decision

Courtney Lee: Sprained right hand