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Recapping the Enemy: The View From New York (incl. views on Gasol's locker room interview)

Pre-, In- and Post-game views from Knicks fans

The following are actual comments gathered from New York forums

Pre-game views

Easy loss tonight so I think I'll skip this one. Bargs needs to dunk on Zach Randolph one time for me

No Shved means ZERO chance of winning.

I don't think we'll score above 75 tonight.

Zach is going to get a career-high in points and rebounds

Are the Knicks auditioning Gasol? Or is Gasol auditioning the Knicks?

In-game views

dam already down 9, this aint a game.

Udrih got a haircut.

Should the MSG crowd shout MVP chants for Marc or is that far beneath us now?

Our guys are hanging tough. We should impress Marc.

Phil must've gave the team a Zen speech before the game...impress Marc at all cost..

Grizz playing like the spurs did last week, taking it to easy on the knicks.

Great job by the guys. Let Marc and the Grizzlies work hard for this win. Hope our press asks Marc great and not garbage questions after the game.

Don't like how the Knicks are hanging around, hope they fade in the 2nd half. The tank must go on!

Nice form on Allen's FTs

Don't screw up the tank!

how was that offensive? that was one of the worst calls ive ever seen

Jesus I didn't know Mike Conley played on the Ohio State football championship team as a linebacker.

Vince Carter at it again, wow.

lance thomas is getting his sh*t handed to him by geriatric carter

Vince Carter taking long dookie sh*t's on us. No fu*ks given from him.

only 11 games left. thank you.

Post-game views

Koufus can be had if you give him the starting role

gasol should realize he has no chance to win a chip with this roster, they have no go to scorer. Let Melo help u marc

Zach has such a great all around game.

Do not want Marc gasol, especially at the max.

Gasol is such a nice player. Shame he's not coming here.

I hope basketball gods are kind to us and that we can groom Karl-Anthony Towns to be our very own 'Omni-Center' like Marc Gasol.

Well, at least we don't need to convince Gasol how much we need him.

Knicks fans views on Marc Gasol's locker room interview

Please, that sounds like "agent-speak" to increase other team's offers when he hits free agency. He's not coming here.

not getting my hopes up. not anti-phil, but this franchise has given me near-zero reason to have faith in it.

So a Max Player is going to use the Knicks as leverage to get the Max?

Gasol will get the max offer from the Grizzlies at 12:00:01 on the first day of free agency and he can get the max from any team he wants that has the max to offer him.

I rather have DeAndre Jordan. The window for the Knicks is going to be short and with Jordan he's young so he won't get old at the end of his contract either. He's twice as good as the next rebounder on his team with a high TS% and could potentially get better. Not to mention he posts 12/15/2 on 64% TS% with a NetRtg of 9.2 on super low usuage. He's perfect to put next to Towns and Anthony if the Knicks get lucky enough.

Great. He's still not coming here.

I still doubt it happens but Gasol is still the clear cut #1 target for me.

Gasol is still the best option and fit for this team. One of my 5 favorite players in the league to watch. Love his game.

Marc Gasol doesn't have to use any other team to get offered the max by his team. He's getting the max no matter what.

My personal preference would be to draft Okafor and go after Mike Conley the year after.

Draft Jahlil Okafor. Sign Marc Gasol this offseason and then get Mike Conley in 2016. Perfect scenario.

Hopefully Memphis flames out early in the playoffs, and Gasol wakes up and seriously consider if he can win with that core (which I don't think they can).

The only way Marc Gasol is signing with the Knicks is if, Phil Jackson comes into possession of some pics of Marc with his wife and a midget.