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Final Score: Things get out of hand early for Memphis, Grizz fall to Cavaliers, 89-111

Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

The Grizzlies got thumped by Lebron and company, losing at home tonight 111-89.  It was bad...but what did we learn?

What we learned…

The Grizzlies hung in for a while.

Marc Gasol was great early, being aggressive on both ends of the floor, beating Kevin Love over and over again to get to the basket. He had thirteen points in the first half.

We don’t have to talk about the second half.

There was a three possession stretch in the second quarter where Tony Allen was guarding Lebron and getting into his head. Then Lebron trucks over TA on offense, no call, and gets a huge dunk on the other end. I’m not sure anything else went the Grizzlies' way tonight.

Courtney Lee was...umm…not that good tonight.

Jeff Green, on the other hand, did all the things you would want to do in a game like this: got to the rim, guarded LeBron a little, and was pretty good overall.

Bench guy of the night was Beno Udrih. Fifteen points off the bench was a welcome sight.

ZBo finished with five points. Mike Conley finished with ten. Not gonna win like that

So Vince Carter had the right idea getting kicked out of this one early. Wish I had.

The Cavs are pretty freaking good

With about five minutes left in the third quarter, Pete Pranica quipped…" The Grizzlies are getting spanked". And boy were they. Some thoughts:

I liked this team better when they were confused and lost and Dion Waiters was still there.

So one of the keys to the game was to not let players not named Kyrie or LeBron win the game for them. It didn’t go well. Instead, Lebron had twenty and Kyrie had twenty four and the Grizzlies defense didn’t stop anyone.

Kevin Love is still a beast. He finished with twenty-two points, with ten points and five rebounds in the third quarter. I haven’t watched a lot of Cavs games this year, but to hear others talk, its like K-Love hasn’t even been around. However, he has had thirty-five double doubles this season...and make that thirty-six after tonight.

I don’t even want to talk about that third quarter. One of the major talking points was the streak of teams not scoring 100 points at FEF. Well…there was a chance the the Cavs might get there by the end of the third. Matthew Dellavedova almost outscored the Grizz in the third ( was twenty four to six...but it felt like that).  Mozgov was dunking on errybody. And J.R. Smith was out there laying that pipe having a great game.

David Blatt has no chill…starters for the Cavs in very late in this one. He doesnt even trust a 20+ point lead to Kendrick Perkins and Mike Miller?



This was the first time I have seen Lebron play without the headband. As a fellow bald man, I applaud his hairline honesty. His only other option:

Without the bra of course…

In the end…

Grizzlies have two much bigger games this weekend against Golden State and San Antonio. If they play this badly in those games, this game may be more meaningful. This one was one game in eighty-two. It would have been nice, but the Grizzlies won’t see this team again until the Finals.

That’s right…I said it…