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Memphis Grizzlies Expert Certification Quiz

Are you an expert on the Memphis Grizzlies? :-D

*EDIT: This might ruin it for some of you, but since my sense of humor doesn't always translate very well: this is a warning that the following material is satire.

The following quiz is scientifically proven to determine whether or not you are an expert on the Memphis Grizzlies, a power giving you the right to say anything about basketball, the city of Memphis, and the franchise that is the Memphis Grizzlies.

If you scored a 10/10 on the Grizzlies certification quiz, you should now have permissions to download and print off the following certificate that's valid throughout all of Grizz Nation. If you didn't score high enough you still have the ability to download and print the certificate because we're all experts if nowhere but our own minds.

Carry it with pride! Never fear! The power is yours!


Please note: The preceding article is intended for entertainment purposes only and is meant to cheer up Grizz Nation on a gloomy day and not to invoke negative feelings or arguments.