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Recapping the Enemy: The View From Cleveland

Pre-, in-, and post-games views from Cavs fans

The following are actual comments gathered from Cleveland forums

Pre-game views

Glad we'll be rested for this one. Can't afford the slow start we've been getting off to lately and really can't afford to wait till Q3 (or later) to play D. We do that we lose.

Just hoping we're healthy hungry and ready to go for a good tune up test for the playoffs. Memphis to me plays playoff basketball 82 games a year just the way they slow it down and run half court sets. Any win over a locked in Memphis team is a quality win for sure

Exciting match-up. Memphis have lost just 7 times at home this season, even less home losses than the Spurs so it have to be super-tough game for us. Our pace is one of the slower in the league so it can help us to handle with them, the big problem I see is their strong power in the paint and from the mid-range. I'll interesting to see how we learning their style during the game and how we make adjustments for that. Really want to see KLove come aggressive to this game.

Yeah this will be a big test. If we win it will be out biggest road win of the season, just because Memphis is the 3rd best team.We will see how it plays out.

In-game views

The announcer said David Blatt was 24-48 hours from being fired.  I don't believe that.

I don't understand Love on Gasol and Mozgov on Randolph. Someone explain it to me. But Love had done a good job so far

Nice even start.  Too many TOs.  Some good D from K Love.  I like our scrappiness.

Great ball movement in the first quarter.

This is gonna be a close one

Our entire team is doing well offesively but lebron slows the game down by holding the ball..isnt that EXACTLY what memphis wants?

Listening on the radio - did Smith just win a jump ball vs Gasol!?!?!   Did I hear that right?!?

Great Job by the Officials in calling a fair game so far

This has been one of the best games I have seen the Cavaliers play in a while.  Why? because they're hustling on defense and giving Memphis a taste of their own medicine!  Let's keep this up in the 2nd half and we'll pull away with a victory here.

The Grizzlies look out of sync and befuddled.

Tony Allen really does the job on D.  He's harrassed both Lebron and Kyrie

Bye Vince

I enjoy listening to opposing announcers while we're beating their team. They all say those types of things except for the Celtics announcers who just complain that the refs are responsible for the 25 point difference.

Where did all the Grizzlies fans go??????? ha ha ha!!!!

Cavs win :) ball movement prevailed tonight.

Post-game views

Oh how I hope and Pray this is the NEW LOVE!!!  Please Kevin , prove me wrong.  We need your scoring and toughness in order to win the Ring

The Cavs look playoff ready right now and that is probably the first time that I could truthfully say that this season!!!

This is one of the best games we've played all year.

We only play the teams from the Western Conf. twice per season, but already we have beaten GS, SA, Clippers, OKC, Portland, and now Memphis convincingly - that says something - we can play with anyone in the Western Conf.

The difference was the triple. Cleveland 14-34, Memphis 4-17.  That's 30 points right there. I get the sense Memphis doesn't defend it well.

I just like to reiterate that Blatt made a really good move tonight. While I was freaked out witih Love on Gasol and Moz on Z-Bo, it really worked well. Credit to Blatt, Love, and Mozgov. Gasol was 7-15 (5-13 in frist half) and Z-Bo 2-8.

One of the amazing stats of this game is 18 Cavs turnovers Vs only 8 Griz turnovers

This game made my week! wow, I believed we can win tonight but 111 points in Memphis? the elite defensive team while they had a day to rest? just unbelievable. I'm so proud.

My favorite game of the season.  Ball movement was fantastic, defense great, balanced scoring with everyone contributing in their own way, great coaching decisions.....Formula for a long awaited championship in Cleveland!!!!

If statement wins are a thing, this was one such thing.

So this year, Memphis has faced Timofey Mozgov twice. Those are the only two games all season that Memphis has lost by more than 20.

Man grizzlies page is a ghost town. It might be worse then the clippers