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Recapping the Enemy: The View From Golden State

Pre-, in-, and post-game views from Warriors fans

The following are actual comments gathered from Golden State forums

Pre-game views

This will be a slug-fest tonight. A classic grind it out grizzly affair. I just hope that none of our players gets injured by these Neanderthals.

I think the Warriors are still upset that the Grizzlies ended the winning streak in December, and they are going to blow the Grizzlies out this time.

Forgot when the last time we actually beat the Grizz with a healthy Marc, Zbo and Conley

Warriors by 15, at least! Memphis is good, that's about it!

They’re at home, and fighting for key playoff seeding — dropping from #2 to #3 right now would pit them against the Spurs rather than Dallas, which would likely spell instant first-round death for them. Plus, they’re playing against the league’s best and most glamorous team, so you know they’ll be highly motivated.

In-game views

Allen wasting no time with the energy

Watch out for Conley, guys

Allen is the pesky insect we must swat

Great start, in spite of Conley's unexpected heroics!

Alright looks like Memphis tryin to be Memphis on Iggy

we should be more like Randolph...just yell AYYYY and get the call

f*****g refs helping mem stay in this else it would be a blow out soon

Warriors bar none the better team BUT Refs uglying this one out for the Grizz

Not to take anything away from the Grizz.. I like their team BUT we’re talking what I feel at this point in the season A Big disparity in talent and execution.

Grizzlies can't do fastbreaks

BTW Grizzlies fans IF you are lurkin on our site. Great team. 2nd worst announcing crew behind the Clippers. Bar none Homers

Bogut on Randolph is lights out for Randolph

I wish ZBo would lose his voice

The Grizzlies' souls are officially crushed.

Keep kicking them while they suffer, they didn’t show no mercy when Tony Allen dunked the last game they played when the game was already over

Post-game views

memphis doesn't scare me anymore

grit n grind looking like slip n slide

Memphis arena music team is on point

2nd best team in the vaunted west on their homecourt. how does a 24 point beatdown taste?

Sorry Memphis. The gap just gets bigger.

second best W-L record 5th or 6th best team.

They sent out a couple of Double teams on Curry BUT they didn’t gangbang him like the Clippers or Atlanta tried to do AND Curry made them pay dearly for it. Expect the Grizzlies to be alot more aggressive ALONG the perimeter if they matchup in the playoffs.

The Griz could slip to the 3 seed, face SAS in the first round, and be done just like that.