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Recapping the Enemy: The View From San Antonio

Pre-, in-, and post-game views from Spurs fans

The following are actual comments gathered from San Antonio forums

Pre-game views

I hope the Spurs will beat the crap out of them

I get mad at the end of the year when games like this are not televised nationally. Two games that are have no bearing on any type of playoff drama and are between non-contenders for the finals. There should be use of common sense, rather than pre-made contracts when it comes to the last few games of the season.

Easy win

Should be win considering Memphis is tanking hard to avoid the Spurs

In-game views

Tony, don't fall asleep on Conley

Parker keeping the Grizz in it unfortunately...

Wow, I've been watching or 3 minutes and already the refs are f*****g us.

Damn. Marc Gasol is an amazing passer.

great D, good offense outside of Tony... gotta keep it going...

we have a good lead vs #2 in the west and player fans still bitching

gasol heating up


Post-game views

Memphis Grizzlies have appeared to hit a wall.

Seeing Marc Gasol play in San Antonio makes me dream of what could be.

Marc Gasol has looked like a completely different player the past 2 months, I wonder what the f**k is going on with him, tbh..

i'm not concerned with the grizz in the playoffs. We can beat them.

Best win of the season.

Memphis saving up their tricks for the playoffs tbh.... No Tony Allen either.

solid win against a rugged team

Hope the Grizz aren't playing possum. Crazy how Splitter still owns zbo.

Wouldn't say that "Splitter still owns zbo". The Grizz didn't lose because of was because Marc Gasol couldn't throw it in the ocean the 1st half.

Z-Bo has been surprisingly good against the Spurs this year, tbh..he was horrible the past few years against Splitter/Duncan. He's such a defensive liability, though..tough to rely on players like that in today's game

Marc Gasol seemed pretty uninterested in the game