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Marc Gasol pays homage to Darko Milicic, tears jersey apart in frustration

Grit and Twine, Marc gets fired up early against the Sacramento Kings and rips his jersey.

It was many years ago that Memphis Grizzlies fans were privileged enough to witness Darko Milicic go Hulk Hogan in a home game and rip the front of his jersey in one single motion. Marc Gasol has decided to honor the former Grizzlies big man and gave Grizzlies fans his own rendition of wardrobe-rage.

After missing a jumper against the Sacramento Kings early in the 1st quarter, Marc backpedals down the court as he clenches the neck of his jersey. The cloth gives way as Marc's furious grip tears through space, time, and breathable athletic wear.

It's slower than Darko's, and that makes sense. Marc is a slow-boil kind of guy. He might have not even realized he was doing it until he felt a nice breeze blowing across his torso. I understand your frustration, Marc. There's been a few games recently where my Growel Towel nearly suffered a similar fate.

This also begs this question: Who tore it better, Darko or Marc?

I think Marc's presentation was better, but Darko has that MMA kind of anger that makes for a nice show.